Creature Comforts

Although Moo is Quite Fond of this colourful cushion I crochetted for her, it was really starting to get a little stinky. I decided it was time for a new favourite.

After much matching and mismatching of my fabric stash, I decided on this combination. I find it so hard to actually make a decision sometimes, about what colours go with what, and what patterns really match.

I do love that “mismatched” look, but in reality I think we only think it’s mismatched when it’s really actually in fact rather matched. Does that make sense?

The lovely ric rac was from a most wonderful store called MJ Trim in New York. They have ric rac in every colour you could think of, and scrumptious velvets, and so wide and fat – not just the normal skinny…

And here is the finished product. Do you like it?

Moo seems to like it. Yes, she’s definitely quite pleased with it I think.

4 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. Cousin Indy is a little bit jealous – both of the cushion and the fact that ‘she’ is not allowed on the sofa!

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