Gypsy Caravan Blanket ~ Part 1

When I first started to crochet I came across this wonderful blog called Crochet with Raymond. Alice has the most magical eye for colour, and a pretty gorgeous siamese cat named Raymond too

Then I saw this  Gypsy Caravan Blanket.

I just had to have one of my own.

I assembled my leftover stash collection, focussing on purples, pinks, greens, blues… those sort of shades. A few other colours crept in too.

I had some difficulty with the first row of these circles, so mine are slightly different – just treble crochet.

Choosing a background colour caused Considerable Consternation.

I was thinking black, but decided that was too harsh, and of course white wouldn’t work with a black Moo, so I went for something similar to Alice.

I used Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 ply in colour 1825. I’m pretty happy with it. I like the way it’s not a solid colour. I think it gives it depth.

I joined four squares together, and then did different coloured borders. I think I like it. What do you think?

Once they’re all joined together, I thought a largish multi-colour striped border. There are only going to be 12 blocks, so it’s going to be quite small.

I’m aiming for Part 2 by the end of the weekend. I have lots of Law & Orders recorded to keep me company!!!

2 thoughts on “Gypsy Caravan Blanket ~ Part 1

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