You can never have enough Doilies

…. or so my mother-in-law informed me 14 years ago on my wedding day. I had just opened a gift from Great Aunt Myrtle and was looking curiously at some hand made doilies, wondering what anyone would do with something hand made and crochetted. How things change!

It is time for some new doilies.

We have been without bed-side tables for about six months now, ever since husband built us a new bed, and the old tables no longer fit. The cardboard box tables were becoming a little embarassing – it’s been many many years since milk crates and boxes were acceptable furniture in our first rental apartment.

So we bid on some lovely art deco side tables on ebay last week. Husband decided they were just The Thing, once we had a couple of doilies on top!

The yarn: Rowan cotton glace 4ply, purchased last summer in lovely floral shades to make crochet flowers.

The pattern: I’ve been wanting to try this Granny Mandala from Crochet with Raymond for a Very Long Time now.

I’ve not crochetted with 4ply before, but it really wasn’t as hard as I expected.

And here it is, the Finished Product.

I’m thinking the lime green for husband’s side. You really can never have enough doilies…

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