You can never have enough doillies ~ Part 2

Husband was rather fond of the lovely pink doily I made myself here, but of course, he needed something a little more manly.

So here it is. I thought I was using Rowan 4ply Cotton, but two rows from the end I was alarmed to see that I wasn’t going to have enough to finish. I couldn’t work out what was wrong, since I definitely used the same 3.5mm hook.

Well, I just paid a little visit to one of my favourite yarn shops, and it seems I might have actually been using something that looked similar, but was actually more like a 5ply ~ which does explain the slightly thicker texture.

Oh well, husband is not that fussy, and I do rather like the lighter green border. Excuse the lack of trinkets in this photo – husband wasn’t having any of it!

And just because, here are my favourite Tulip Etimo Pink Crochet Hooks. Husband bought me this set for Christmas. I’ve been wanting and wanting for them, simply for ages. They had to come all the way from the UK, but I swear my crochet is just that little bit sweeter for these splending little lovelies.

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