Saturday Sunshine

What a gorgeous day it’s been today. The sun was actually shining in our little patch of backyard. Moo and I had a lovely morning reading (me) and snoring (Moo) on the outside sofa.

Then we went on a little wander down to the Bank St Market. This is a new local handmade / flea / designer market. I really want to like it, but I’m just not convinced yet. It’s a little bit hit and miss sometimes, but today was definitely a hit.

Look what I found!

This splendid little basket was made by Kate, of Crochet Made by Kate. At least, I assume the lady was actually Kate. Maybe I should have asked her? Anyway, this basket is made up of stips of fabric, about 1cm in width, knotted together and crochetted. Isn’t it adorable?

Of course, Moo thought it would be a good Puppy Treat Holder.

And here is today’s project.

I was looking for a pattern for a plain coloured scarf – something to wear with striped black / grey outfits… so something simple, and of course, pink! This Prismatic Scarf pattern by Huan-Hua Chye is on Ravelry. Once I’d worked out sl3 pwise wyif it really wasn’t that hard.

The yarn is called Silky Marino DK by Adorn Yarns. 90% merino wool, 10% silk, and so nice to knit with.

Hopefully I’ll have it finished before winter ends!

1 thought on “Saturday Sunshine

  1. I love the little basket as Moo obviously does too, and the colour for your scarf is so pretty, I’m sure you’ll have it finished in no time. Can’t wait to see your progress

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