Granny Square Sunday #3

Meet Granny-Square #3, Framed Flower. This is my favourite one yet – super-easy to make, no fiddly little circles or corners.

…. and another lovely day here today. There is a feeling of spring in the air, but it’s probably my imagination since it’s still July. Oh well, we can hope!

6 thoughts on “Granny Square Sunday #3

  1. That is so pretty, I so wish I could crochet, might just have to stop knitting and get on youtube and try to learn. I’m looking forward to seeing your other squares.

  2. Oh goodie! I have found a crochet-whizz! I’m struggling with crochet as my tension is waaaay to tight. Such a great idea, I look forward to seeing all your grannies and your end use for them. Thanks for popping over at mine and leaving lovely comments. xxx Fi

    • Thanks Fi! Yes, the hardest thing I had to learn was tension… so frustrating to be trying to force a blunt hook through a non-existent chain loop! Not sure where you are, but there’s a store called Morris and Sons (Melbourne and Sydney) that does beginner classes – I went to one and they were great teaching the basics.

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