Home Again….


Yes, that was a very big Contented Sigh. I understand the need for Big Adventures in life, but you know, I really do prefer Very Small Adventures.

It’s lovely to be back home – incredibly wonderfully lovely.

It’s lovely to be back, with Moo sitting next to me on the sofa and a whole weekend ahead of me with no plans except crochet (and quite a bit of laundry)!

Our adventures took us to a number of lovely yarn stores, and Interesting Things stores. One of which was Loopy Mango. So much fun, and such lovely people. This little store is located in Soho, Manhattan. It is named after Loopy the dog, and Mango the cat. How cute is that?

Right inside the front entrance is this deer, complete with knitted hat a scarf.

Amongst other weird and wonderful creations, they sell their own Big Loop yarn – perfect for crochet floor rugs. I bought a massive size crochet hook in preparation. Unfortunately Moo found it in my luggage, but I think the teeth marks just add to the character.

Another store, just around the corner from where we were staying in Upper West Side, is The Yarn Company. If anyone has read The Friday Night Knitting Club, it reminded me so much of the store in the book. It’s on the second floor, up a very steep flight of stairs… but then opens up into a bright, colourful, wonderful world of all things yarn.

… and yes, there were purchases (shhhh) ….

On another note, do you realise it’s only eight weeks until Christmas ?!

7 thoughts on “Home Again….

  1. Hello, isn’t Blog School great – I wouldn’t have discovered your blog without the lovely Pip. Great writing – and I’m not crafty, just appreciative of others’ skills. Look forward to hearing more of your small adventures (that’s my style too) and seeing more of your beautiful creations.
    Annette (founded1967.blogspot.com.au)

  2. wow, that yarn store looks amazing, I’ve never seen yarn stores in NZ like you do in the US, I think I would go into sensory overload… can’t wait to see what you bought and glad you had an excellent trip! XXX

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