Perugino Carousel Throw

Well, I feel just a tad guilty about this little project.

You see, I bought this gorgeous Mohair Throw Rug Kit a few months ago, when I was meant to be purchasing yarn for my mother’s Spring Blanket. Well, I figured that I was spending so much money anyway, what would a little more matter? (I’m sure you’ve never done that).

…and what’s more, this is knitting we’re talking here, not crochet. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about my lack of knitting prowess – that’s probably pretty obvious by the lack of knitting-related finished products I’ve ever posted. Actually,  I just checked back, the answer is a big fat one!

So, it’s lucky for me I have a wonderfully talented and accommodating mother-in-law, who takes on the selfless role of project-finisher with such good grace. Ok, who am I kidding – she did finish this, but she also started it and did all the middle too. I did wind the yarn into balls though, and added the fringing… it’s not like I’m totally useless 😀

Isn’t it gorgeous?

…and again in close-up

…and the mad fringing I added at Craft Group the other night, whilst eating too many Tim Tams and feeding chocolate to visiting Halloween goblins.

I think there’s just enough left-over mohair to make this gorgeous cushion over at Hook Knit Spin. Do you think they’d look splendid together?

Moo thinks it matches perfectly with her new collar, and has requested it for her bed. I told her we’ll see…..

6 thoughts on “Perugino Carousel Throw

  1. wow, that is absolutely stunning! I love the colours and the different types of yarn, such a beautiful result! and yes I think a cushion is in order absolutely! Yay to your legendary MIL

  2. Mother-in-law has done a wonderful job – it is absolutely gorgeous! Aunty Suse thinks that this should be relegated to Moo’s bed as she looks SO pretty against it! 🙂

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