Christmas Preparation ~ Part 2

Well, I realised if I’m going to be at all realistic about my “To Craft” list for Christmas, I better speed things up a little.

This stool cover pattern is way quicker …and maybe not as fancy, but pretty nevertheless I reckon.

The pattern is from the lovely Alice at Hook Knit Spin. I’ve used this Mandala pattern so many times, and it’s just so nice to crochet…and so quick that it really has that instant gratification thing going… which is never a bad thing 🙂

These pictures were taken a little late in the day, hence the low light – sorry about that.

It was also getting a little too close to Moo’s dinner time. She wasn’t too impressed with this photo session.

PS Only three more to go!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Preparation ~ Part 2

    • Thanks Alice 🙂 Yes, I already have the next colour combination planned, and the next pattern. I’ve been dreaming crochet – the more I crochet the more I crochet it seems! x

  1. Very nice job and color!

    I am trying to do the same. I got stuck at the edge of stool and i dont know when to start decrease 😦

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