I have no idea how it happened…

Completely innocently, I went into the sewing room to do the ironing.

….. and somehow these happened!



They made themselves so quickly and it was such fun, and all the little yarn scraps got themselves new homes.



I’m really not sure where this one came from. He’s quite hairy, isn’t he?


…. Moo is a worrier though… and was not quite sure about these pom pom things… and she knows the ironing will not do itself.


12 thoughts on “I have no idea how it happened…

  1. Nothing to do with Lucy’s pompom thread a couple of days ago, eh? 😉

    They’re lovely – both oyur pompoms and your photographes of them!

    (Found your blog a about the day before yesterday and [hoping that’s fine] have added you to my RSS).

    Have a wonderful Sunday! 😀

  2. Those are so cute, I love how concerned Moo looks, I can see my dog making the same face whenever she thinks I am being wierd. Not that pom poms are wierd though. Well too a dog maybe they are…

    • Thankyou so much! What a lovely surprise, I’m so pleased 🙂 I will absolutely accept with thanks, but please don’t be offended if I don’t post for a week or two – pre-Christmas crafting deadlines are catching up to me xx

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