I have no idea how it happened ~ Part 2

Actually, this time I do know how it happened!

I was (innocently) sitting down to a really quick weekday-morning breakfast and thought I’d have a little peak at this lovely blog. Big mistake! First, there was this post about Lucy’s gorgeous Festive Wreath, which of course then lead to these exquisite Teeny Tiny Stars.

Obviously, they weren’t going to wait till after work. I mean, they just had to be made now! I’m sure you understand.

I only made three, in a lovely peacock colour, or is it emerald, or even teal? Actually, I made six, starched them and sewed them together… just to make them a little more robust. You can just see them in these photos, they’re rather hiding in our tree.

Xmas Start6sml

I’m not sure now though, maybe I like Lucy’s ones better.

Xmas Star7sml

Xmas Star10sml

Moo is pretty happy with our tree this year. Did I tell you it’s her birthday on Saturday? She will be turning three. I’m thinking maybe a birthday-girl-pom pom?

Xmas Start19sml

13 thoughts on “I have no idea how it happened ~ Part 2

  1. I like them a lot. 😀
    I saw them and was thinking about making some of them myself … not for the tree (I don’t have one), but maybe for the presents, as a little hanger to prettify everything …. mhm ……

    But it helps immensely to see how tiny they are! Thanks. 😀

    (Btw – the tree is really beautiful. Do you always put it up so early?)

    • Thanks Julia! I think they’d look gorgeous on presents. Then you probably wouldn’t need to do double or to starch them, as they’d look cute being a bit softer 🙂 In Australia, I think most people put their trees up some time around beginning of December ~ at least that’s what I always thought, or maybe I’m just a bit over enthusiastic, lol!

    • I know, it’s terrible, honestly I’m sure I’d have way more time in my day if it wasn’t for her blog 🙂 By the way, did you know she has a Facebook page too now? Just in case you needed an added distraction!

      • I know she does, so far I have avoided it…I really need to get Christmas presents made. Once that is all done though I may kick all my boys out of the house and settle down for a whole day of computer inspiration!

  2. The same thing happens to me when I see Lucys blog. The little stars look perfect on the tree. Happy Birthday Moo!!!!!!
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

  3. Your tree is lovely. We’ll be skipping the tree this year- Sugar the dog would undecorate it (and helpfully bring me everything she removed) and Cricket the cat would eat the needles and bark (she’s odd). Happy birthday, Moo!

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