I’m not procrastinating, really!

Yes, I know it’s only nine days till Christmas, but since this present has to be posted to the other side of Australia, it does kind of trump my Mum’s Spring Blanket, at least temporarily.


I made this for my husband’s Grandma. A few years ago I finally finished a throw rug that was half knitted squares and half granny squares, and took me about five years to make. I gave it to husband’s Grandma as a gift. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures.

Cushion_13sml   Cushion_5sml Cushion_4sml

I thought I’d make her a matching cushion. Then, of course, I was missing one of the colours. The blanket had a kind of dark lime green in it, as well as cream, beige and dark purple. I didn’t have any green left, and I didn’t want to use a green that was not quite right, so I added pink.


It’s weird, these used to be my sort of colours, but I like things so much brighter and contrasty now… my tastes have definitely changed. So, I don’t exactly love this, but I’m glad I made it, and I really hope Grandma loves it, fingers crossed.


The square on the front is called “Centered Square” from 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. The flower pattern is from the lovely Lucy in the Attic. I love her patterns. They’re so easy to follow.

Cushion_6sml     Cushion_14sml

The underside is just a basic granny square pattern.

PS Ok, back to the Spring Blanket now….

3 thoughts on “I’m not procrastinating, really!

  1. it’s BEATUIFUL! really. I would have left out the flower ( 😉 ), but this is me, and the colours of the cushion are really, really great. Congratulations! It looks very elegant. 😀

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