Softies for Mirabel

Just before Christmas, when I was frantically finishing my mother’s Spring Blanket, I was hoping to crochet a softie to donate to the Mirabel Foundation, for their annual Softies for Mirabel handmade toy drive.

Softies for Mirabel is now in it’s sixth year, organised by the awesome Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mikes. The Mirabel Foundation supports kids and families who are affected by parental substance abuse. Softies for Mirabel collects hand made softies – they can be knit, crochet or sewn – and each softie is matched to the age and needs of a Mirabel child.

I do feel quite guilty that I missed the cut-off date in December, but it just wasn’t to be. I figured that since Pip has organised this for six years so far, I can be pretty safe that it’s going to happen in 2013. So, I thought I would get prepared early.

Please meet Priscilla Bear!

Priscilla Bear 25sml

She is only small, but the first crochet toy I’ve ever made, and I really am quite pleased with her. She wasn’t hard to make, but fiddly and time consuming.

Priscilla Bear 34sml

P Bear was meant to be all one colour, but that just didn’t feel right to me. I don’t think she wanted to look like “every other bear”.

Priscilla Bear 26sml

Moo thought she would be a rather lovely new toy.

Priscilla Bear 18sml

…. and was not pleased when I told her Priscilla was for somebody else.

Priscilla Bear 30sml

Priscilla Bear 31sml

The pattern for Priscilla Bear can be found in “Cute & Easy Crochet” by Nicki Trench.

20 thoughts on “Softies for Mirabel

  1. Ahhh poor Moo doesnt get the bear!! Tee hee! Your bear is soooo adorable and it’s very cool she’s going to a special child who needs something cute to hug!! I love it!! My Boo Bear likes to try to sneak off with my small stuffed animals too! Hugz, Lisa

    • Thanks Alessandra! I’m glad you like the different hues – I wasn’t quite sure in the end but the ribbon kind of tied it in. Congratulations to you on two softies for Mirabel. It’s such a lovely idea and a good cause 🙂

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