A Prickly Present!

My goodness it was hot today! It reached 40.8 C in Melbourne this afternoon, and at nearly 8pm it’s still 39 Celsius.

Since this latest project is actually a belated Christmas present for a friend and still needs to be posted to the other side of the country, I thought I better get it photographed and wrapped – regardless of the heat and fading light.

Pin Cushion_9sml

Pin Cushion_1sml

I’ve been wanting to try out this pin cushion pattern for a while now. I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest and Flickr of similar, but haven’t actually seen a pattern.

Pin Cushion_6sml

Pin Cushion_2sml

So, this was a made-up-by-me effort, and I’m quite pleased with it. Actually, I wrote down the pattern so if anyone wants it, I could certainly try to transcribe it into something half coherent!

Pin Cushion_7sml

This was made using Rowan 4ply Cotton. I love this yarn. It could be made quicker using an 8ply, but I like the finer look of the 4ply.

Pin Cushion_10sml

Moo really had no interest, it was so much nicer on the sofa in front of the aircon.

Pin Cushion_16sml

Well, I better get it wrapped up and posted!

19 thoughts on “A Prickly Present!

  1. I really really like it. The colour and yarn ply choice are great. If you do find the time to write a pattern, I would certainly put it on the top of my to do list. You don’t want to see the hand-me-down pin cushion I am currently using!

    • Haha! I can’t imagine what minus 11C would feel like. I just read on another blog that it’s snowing on the south coast of England… I don’t think that happens very often does it?

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