KOGO Blanket ~ Finished!

I started this blanket just after Christmas, during my lovely summer holiday, a distant memory, sigh.

I made it to use up all my leftover pink stash. Turns out, I had quite a bit of red too, plus I couldn’t help buying a few extra shades, just to finish it off, oops!



I’m very pleased with it. I’ve never joined squares using this method before, basically joining right sides, using DC stitches – first horizontal, then vertical. It helped keep the blanket “squarer” than any other method I’ve used.


I think the red “top stitching” kind of tied all the colours in too.


As I’ve mentioned before, this blanket is for KOGO (Knit One Give One), a Melbourne group of crafters who knit and crochet for charity.

Kogo_15sml Kogo_6sml

The pattern is on the gorgeous Purl Bee blog. It’s called Bear’s Rainbow Blanket.


Obviously, I’m going to have to pick out the black Moo-furs before I post it off! πŸ˜€

14 thoughts on “KOGO Blanket ~ Finished!

  1. What a beautiful blanket! And interesting joining method. Did it use up a lot of yarn? The joining, I mean. I am about to finish the squares for a blanket, and haven’t decided about the joining method yet…
    Also, I know everything about lab-fur, in my case I have to handpick out chocolate brown furs of everything, one by one, including my favourite white sweater, which turned out to be a bold choice for a mum with two small kids and a puppy πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Poppy! I guess it probably did use a bit more yarn to join than what I normally do (sew them together with a big needle)! It was definitely much nicer to do though than sewing them together. Love the white sweater, haha! A very bold choice for sure, lol!

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