Just because…

I stumbled across a new blog today. I can’t remember how I got there – I never quite can – but I think reading about Matt and his life is going to be fun… and he hands down has the cutest blog header I’ve seen (I’m a little focused on blog header pictures at the moment)!

Anyway, what struck me was this post, where he talks about not being able to write a blog post until he’s finished a project – e.g. “each blog post MUST contain a perfectly photographed newly finished not-seen-before project”.

Yes, you’ve guessed it – no finished project here today 😀

I do have these rather scrumptious little pom poms though. They are my guilty pleasure… so easily whipped up in a few seconds, instead of emptying the dishwasher, doing the ironing, washing my hair….


I believe, they have plans to become a huge round pom-pom rug for my sewing room.


They’ll have to multiply by about 650 before then though.


Oh, and I’m this close to finishing a new project… actually, it would be done by now if not for the interfering pompoms.

…. ok, off to wash my hair…

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