Extreme (Mid~Air) Crochet

Ok, I’ve probably over-dramatized the title a little. Truthfully, I was sitting rather comfortably in a QANTAS A380. Technically though it was still mid-air.

I knew I’d need a craft project for the long flight. Of course, crochet was the obvious choice ~ isn’t it always?

A little while ago I found the amazing Deramores site. They sell an acrylic yarn that I’ve seen Lucy at Attic24 use, and I’ve often admired the colours. I’ve never particularly liked an acrylic before, but since deciding to do some crochet for charity, it’s often requested for baby blankets, etc. I guess it’s easier to wash, and not itchy like wool may be.

I spent weeks deciding exactly what yarns to pack for the plane journey. Imagine the trauma of being all that way up in the air and just not having the right yarn? I know, quite shocking. Then, since the Deramores yarn comes in massive 100g balls, I had to re-wind the colours I wanted into smaller amounts.

So, this is where I got to, before tragedy struck. Yes, I ran out of the lilac, half way around a granny square row. Sigh.


This baby blanket and beanie are destined for a charity that supplies blankets and newborn outfits to hospitals in less-well-off areas.


The yarn is a selection from these awesome 17 colours that I ordered. Even with delivery costs to Australia, the price was very reasonable.


Do you think pom poms on the corner of the blanket?


I thought there should be at least one picture with a typical New York background.


29 thoughts on “Extreme (Mid~Air) Crochet

  1. Nice! I brought two WIPs with me during trans-atlantic flights … to make sure I still have something to do if I run out of yarn in mid-air!

  2. Absolutely beautiful colour combination. What a lovely, thoughtful thing to donate to those in need. My mum and I used to make granny square blankets out of left over wool for cats and kittens in shelters – when they were adopted they’d take their very own special blankie with them. Must start making some more this winter. Thanks for another great tip on a delicious wool website, Deramores – isn’t Lucy at Attic 24 just wonderful! Didn’t realise you and Moo were from Australia – me too! Beautiful, beautiful hat and blanket – pom poms in corners would be icing on the cake!

  3. OMG I love the colours!!! They are stunning! Wow I didn’t think you would be able to take a crochet hook on a plane…this may have answered my question about what to do on the eight hour flight to Florida in September…

  4. That looks fantastic. And you can never have too many pompoms, I’m sure kids will love them =). Also, crafting for charity, go you, that’s awesome; I’d love to do that, myself.

  5. So wonderful. I saw the picture and thought “I have to look at this blog post” then realised it was your blog (I should have known, so good). Great colours and the lady that receives this for her little bub would be so excited. I can see it getting a lot of use.
    Yes pompom on the corners!

  6. Definitely add pom poms to the blanket corners! Love the yarn … the colours are beautiful. BTW, didn’t know that crochet hooks were allowed on aircraft; must have relaxed the rules a bit! Just as well, too … =D

  7. Gorgeous colour combo! Crochet on the plane is a great way to pass the time. I have just ordered from Deramores for the first time (I held off as long as I could…!). I’ve gone with the Lucy pack too, looks like I won’t be disappointed!

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  9. You’re an incredible crocheter! And those colours are just beautiful. I would panic too if I ran out of a colour.. it’s always that sticky situation when you have a new row to do and the ball is looking rather small.. will you make it??

    Aahh.. the stresses of being a crocheter!! :)Xxxx

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  11. I absolutely love this blanket. I am looking to do a similar blanket for my cousins baby girl and have a pattern I was just wondering what hook size you used and what stitch you used. I have seen these blankets using double and treble crochet.

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