Preparing for a new kitchen…

Our dishwasher is becoming more and more frustrating. It doesn’t completely not work… instead, it works three times out of four, therefore lulling us into a false sense of security that all is well with the world, before deciding to leave dirty trails of washing powder and greasy mess over everything!

So, the thought of a new dishwasher, led to the obvious decision that it’s time to replace the whole kitchen. Yes, I knew you’d understand and agree with me 😀

I have no pictures of the kitchen in it’s current state, nor will I take any ~ it’s a little embarrassing – but think cheap country kitchen circa 1970. Yes, that’s about it.

So, whilst husband prices white goods (actually stainless goods), and designs cupboards, and researches bench tops and floor paints… I focus on the important things ~ we will need new crocheted place mats ~ of course we will! Yes, I knew you’d understand and agree with me on that too 😀

Bowl_7smlYep, you’re right, it doesn’t look much like a place-mat, does it?

Bowl_15smlI started with all good intentions, and a lovely merino Koigu yarn in gorgeous pinks / greens / mustards … but using a 3mm hook and half treble, it was just taking so loooong, and the thought of doing another five was just all too much.

Bowl_11smlSo, please meet our new fruit bowl 😀


12 thoughts on “Preparing for a new kitchen…

  1. I love your fruit bowl! I agree sometimes you are so close to being done that you just say enough it’s done!! I can’t wait to see your new kitchen when it’s done! Hugz Blondie and Bear

  2. Oooh! How exciting! I’m in 100% agreeance to all of the above. What culinary wonders would you like us to whip up in your new kitchen next time we come to visit??? 😉

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