Do Blogs have Birthdays?

If so, today is the first birthday of A Conversation with Moo 😀

I remember 12 months ago today, trying to take pictures of my sewing room with the same limited Melbourne winter’s light that we’re having now.

I remember cursing and thinking just how much I dislike using my tripod, just like I was yesterday.

I remember Moo photo-bombing my Happy House Plushie… not realising that this would become a habit!

I know this is sounding terribly sentimental, but I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for liking, for laughing, for offering suggestions, and for leading me on wonderful adventures into new worlds.

I was hoping to have a finished project to share on this special day… but that was before I started knitting…

Gloves_19sml…and not just knitting, but knitting with 2.25mm needles and 4ply yarn ~ eek!

The yarn is Morris Empire 4ply Merino, the fingerless gloves pattern also from Morris and Sons.

Gloves_18smlThe first glove is finished ~ just needs to be sewn up. Husband has requested a pair too, so I better get going!

Moo_6smlMoo wasn’t getting excited about this special day … I couldn’t even get a smile for the camera.

11 thoughts on “Do Blogs have Birthdays?

  1. Happy birthday to your blog 🙂 I am glad to see that your blog and I share birthdays 🙂 And Moo… is just the greatest, reminds me so much of our own labrador, not caring about the special moments…

  2. Happy Blogging Birthday! I always enjoy reading what you and Moo are up to. I wonder how many other crafty people there are out there with black Labradors who happily photo bomb when it isn’t convenient and when you want them to pose act like you’re threatening to beat them or if that’s too much like hard work just pretend they’re deaf… BTW I just LOVE the cushions on your sofa!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday! Love the blog and seeing pics of all your wonderful creations…. and particularly love Moo and her photo bombing xxx

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