The Lone Coaster

My lovely Mother-in-Law has requested some new coasters to replace the ones I made for her a year or two ago, that are getting old.

This one was a prototype.

Coaster_20smlI’m afraid it’s Not-Quite-Right.

Coaster_23smlIt is destined to remain alone.

Coaster_22smlI might take it to work for my desk I think. 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Lone Coaster

  1. I agree with everyone above – it’s gorgeous – like all of your beautiful crochet work!! The colours are lovely, too. I wish all my prototypes turned out like this! What a stunning addition to your work desk. x

    • Thankyou! Yes, I do like the colours too – although sometimes I think I make everything in “my” colours, rather than what the recipient might like, ha!

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