Coaster Success ~ I hope!

As I mentioned the other day, my lovely Mother-in-Law has requested some new coasters to replace ones I made for her a while ago that have become a little tatty.

The thing about coasters, in my opinion, is that they do need to be a little robust ~ capable of coping with an icy beer can, or absorbing a scattered biscuit crumb or two.

The size also has to be just right, I think.  Too small and a wine glass could topple drunkenly over the edge. Too large, and they start to look more like a small place-mat.

After a number failed attempts, I do think we have success.

Coasters_7sml Coasters_8sml Coasters_5sml Coasters_14sml  Coasters_9smlWhat do you think?

These are all made using Rowan Cotton Glace yarn and a 3mm hook.

In other news, I’ve just purchased some crochet pattern-making software from StitchWorksSoftware. If anybody is interested, I could try writing up the pattern. xxx

22 thoughts on “Coaster Success ~ I hope!

  1. Yes, these look great. Durable, yet chic. You have inspired me to get my crochet hook out again! Lorraine on Nanna Audrey’s I-Pad.

    • Thankyou so much! xxx I’d love to see some of your crochet, and please say hello to Nanna Audrey for me. I’m making a mandala to match these coasters for Verna too. I do hope she’ll like it. 😀

  2. Simply gorgeous, yes please do go for writing a pattern I would definitely be interested and I would also be interested to know what you think of the pattern-making software as I would love to get something like that too 🙂 xx

  3. They look great. Well done. Let us know how the software goes. A little review of it if you like, if it is very good I would certainly consider buying it.
    Really like your colour range.

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