…and a matching doily…

After my recent Coaster Success, I thought a matching doily would be nice to complete my mother-in-law’s birthday gift.

Mandala_6smlI based this on a pattern by Nicki Trench, that was published in the Simply Crochet magazine, Issue 4. I love Nicki Trench and have a couple of her books. They’re really easy to follow, and have lots of lovely simple projects.

Mandala_5smlI wanted mine to be a little larger, so I added a few extra central rows.

Mandala_2smlI think it will match rather well, although I didn’t use any cream in the coasters. Maybe a few more coasters are in order – cream and black.


8 thoughts on “…and a matching doily…

  1. I really like your colour combination. Actually, I don’t think I have seen anything you have made that I haven’t completely adored.

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