Not your average Crochet ~ CAL Week 7

I’m having so much fun with this CAL. We’re now up to Week 7. Hannah posts the update at about 1 minute past midnight on Saturday mornings, which is just after lunch for me… just in time to sit down with a cup of tea and get started.

CAL_6smlAfter I did the fluorescent green row in the star pattern (near the red row) I had a definite “what was I thinking?” moment. But really, it’s meant to be absolutely every colour, so I guess it really is! 😀

CAL_4smlThankyou to the lovely Hannah for this CAL ~ I’m having so much fun.

CAL_1smlPS This old chair belonged to my Great Aunty Phil. It was her sewing chair for many years. When she died, it became my Nanna’s sewing chair. Now it is mine. It does need to be recovered which is certainly on my List!

11 thoughts on “Not your average Crochet ~ CAL Week 7

  1. That chair is about 80 years old – it was very modern for its time. Mum was very envious of it at the time (so she told me).

  2. Love that project. And I have an “heirloom” chair in my sewing room, too, though not, I’m sure, quite as venerable as yours. I made a slip cover for the cushion on it, but that’s about as far as I got with any redecorating. It’s wooden and has rungs for your feet. (Well, we were always told NOT to put our feet on the rungs, but who could resist?) It has occurred to me every now and then when the weather is cold that I could usefully yarn bomb it to keep my toes warm. 🙂

  3. yum yum yum yum yum! I’m just spending a lovely afternoon hopping around all the links from the crochet camp FB page, and stumbled upon your little space and your goooooooorgeous work, I’m drooling at this blanket and lusting after your mother-in-laws presie – off to have a snoop at more of your lovely blog right now!
    Em xx

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment Eskimo Rose. I’m having so much fun at Crochet Camp. Can’t wait to get home to start the granny square bunting. You should give the CAL blanket a try. It’s really not hard, and great practice of the basic stitches.

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