More Hats for Bella’s Babies

In the early days of winter, I started making baby hats for Bella’s Babies.

Their goal is to “Send every baby born at Southside Hospital home in something warm and cozy. Southside Hospital is located in Bay Shore on Long Island. They deliver about 200 babies a month. Most of the families who have babies there have nothing to bring their babies home in.”

This quarter, I had high hopes for making a granny square blanket, but it just didn’t happen. Somehow, other projects kept getting in the way. This seems to happen often. I really have no idea how, very puzzling!


I used a different pattern this time. Since it will be winter for these new babies, these hats are a little warmer than the last ones.

Hat_7sml Hat_3sml Hat_12smlI hope the babies like them. I know very little about babies and their particular tastes. Moo thought they were pretty though. 🙂


The pattern was from Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes by Nicki Trench (and I added pom poms, of course)! The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK.

17 thoughts on “More Hats for Bella’s Babies

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    • Hello! I’m so glad you like them. The pattern was from “Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes” by Nicki Trench. You might be able to find it online somewhere, but I borrowed it from the library so I don’t currently have a copy.

  2. I purchased the Niki Trench book, but the hat pattern is not there. What I like about your hats is the rolled cuff. Do you remember how you did that. I have looked on Pinterest but cannot find another one. Thank you.

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