A little rug to warm our toes…

I’ve been wanting to crochet a floor rug for such a long time. I was planning to use fabric strips, but cutting them all up seemed a little like too much effort! 😀

Then I discovered Panda B.I.G. yarn. My friend (thanks Suse!) bought me some to knit a hot water bottle cover. It was lovely to work with … and the cover was finished in a ridiculously speedy fashion.

So I thought it was time for a new floor rug, for by my bed. I’ve had my eye on this pattern by Wink for some time now. I had to make a few alterations… I wasn’t sure of the size, or when I was going to run out of yarn. This took seven balls of yarn. At about $10 each, not particularly cheap, but I love it.

Rug_32sml Rug_29smlRug_33sml Rug_36smlThis colour is called ‘1028 Purple Yellow’. I bought it online from a lovely little shop in Albury (on the border of NSW and Victoria). It’s called K2Tog, and has wonderful customer service (the lady called me when I re-ordered to confirm the dielot).

Rug_34smlI used a 12mm crochet hook – the biggest I’ve ever used. It took some getting used to.


Rug_30smlIt’s nice to have something warm for our toes and paws when we get out of bed on a cold morning.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

Oh, and Moo says hello. Apologies that she’s not been feeling very photogenic lately. She had a bath yesterday though, and is looking most shiney. We will organise a little photoshoot for the weekend I think. 🙂

24 thoughts on “A little rug to warm our toes…

  1. How pretty! I’m having a go at knitting a rug (from fabric strips) never having done one before. A chance to make something for No.2 son who doesn’t wear any of the usual stuff like scarves and gloves!

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