A craftless post …

Yes, I know, practically unheard of. But, you see, I have this new kitchen. Husband built it for me. It’s really too scrumptious not to share.

Kitchen_2smlKitchen_7smlKitchen_13smlKitchen_12smlKitchen_24smlOh, there is a little bit of crafting at least. Made by my lovely mother-in-law.

Kitchen_16smlKitchen_35smlMoo thinks our new kitchen is pretty alright too….but it was exhausting watching it being built.

Kitchen_21bsmlOf course, we all know a new kitchen will dramatically improve my crochet! 😀

35 thoughts on “A craftless post …

  1. You could have a twin row of spic holders – the second row being small amounts or yarn.
    And a third row….. various selection of choccies or lollies like jelly babies…..

  2. Wow your kitchen is fantastic!! Elegant, gorgeous!!! I love the red and black! Very well done!! I see it is Moo approved too!! I’m so happy for you!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    • Thanks so much Lisa! It’s actually a hot pink splashback (not red)… it looks pinker in real life, but somehow came up red in the photo. Yes, Moo is most impressed… she can slink in incognito on the black floors. 😀

  3. Wow it’s beautiful! I love the colours and the open shelving unit with your crockery. Clever hubby! Nice to get a brief glimpse of you in the first photo too 😉

    • Thanks Bec! Yes, I love the open shelving too. Husband is convinced it’s going to get too dusty, but I really don’t care. I was wondering if anyone would notice me in that pic. In the others I set the camera to ‘remote’, but forgot on that one. 😀

    • Thanks Debra! Yes, the bookshelf is probably one of my favourites too. It wasn’t originally planned, but then we saw some space.. and also realised we had nowhere to put the cooking books!

  4. I now have total and utter kitchen envy! 🙂
    I especially love your herb & spice rack – a great space-saving idea 🙂
    Moo looks totally exhausted from all that supervising – a cat’s work is never done! Lol

  5. A wonderful kitchen, you are so lucky to have a man who can. My lovely hubby is not so good at this kind of stuff but he looks after us well and cures all our ailments with love and care, and his doctoring skills of course. Moo looks so comfy and I am sure needed the rest after all the supervising of the kitchen build.

    • Hi Hannah. Yes, it’s a wok burner… it has 3 gas rings on it, so it gets really hot. A lot of the stove tops / hot plates in Australia have this option. It’s fabulous. Although, you do need to make sure you have a good range hood to suck up all the smoke!

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