A little purse…

This little purse is a cut-down version of a bigger bag (yet to be photographed). The original pattern was from Patons Modern Crochet Book 1316.

Purse_1smlIt was originally going to be a small clutch bag to take to a wedding in November, but it turned out too small. Purse_6smlSo now I have a small purse, a big bag, and I’m about to start on the in-between-for-wedding-bag. 😀

Purse_12smlThis is made using two strands of yarn together. I’ve used Rowan Cotton Glace, but you could use something cheaper ~ I just had some Rowan in my stash. And since husband has been threatening a Yarn-Intervention, I thought I best try to cut down by one or two balls. Nothing serious, mind you!

Purse_10smlThe flower pattern is one I occasionally play around with. As much as I love the look of multiple-tier flowers, I don’t enjoy making them. This one is a compromise. Still a pretty look, but very easy to make.

The zip and lining are hand stitched in place. Have I mentioned how much I hate sewing zips? The thinking-about-it was worse than the “doing it” though, I must say.

Purse_5smlPurse_2smlMoo could kind of give or take it….


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