Knitting Envy

Hello Everyone

Today I would like to talk about envy, specifically knitting envy. Do you ever spend hours devouring other blogs, and wish your makes were as good? There are plenty of examples out there of just what I mean, but here are just a few…

1. Posie Gets Cozy ~ especially here and here
2. Foxs Lane ~ especially here, here and isn’t this the best picture ever?
3. Crochet with Raymond ~ unfortunately Alice doesn’t post here anymore – it was such a sad day when she wrote her last post. Thankfully she left the site up for us though, her crochet is gorgeous, but so is her knitting. Check out her monsters here and here, and her socks, here and here.

In this case, it’s not actually blog envy, more mother-in-law envy. These gorgeous little Christmas Decorative Wonders were a gift from my MIL Verna *waves to Verna if she’s reading*. When I went back to my hometown of Perth last weekend, Verna gave me these to bring back. We’re all spending Christmas together at our house this year, and these will have pride of place on our tree.

What impresses me most is the level of detail. Look at the hats, and scarves, and stick arms and even the little noses! I’m just not convinced I’d have the patience, but I will treasure these. It’s really nice to be getting a collection of handmade decorations to bring out each year. 🙂



PS. No Christmas Snowmen were injured during the shooting of this blog post.

18 thoughts on “Knitting Envy

  1. These little snowmen are wonderful, fabulous detailing, it’s so nice to add to your collection. We have some handmade decorations that are 15 years old now, you can track my crafting interests through the years, from sewing to cross stitch, knitting and crochet. Great memories.

    • Oh, that sounds gorgeous! My first decorations I made a couple of years ago are little black Moo-pups made of felt with purple ribbons for collars. They’re not very technical, but I still smile each year when I get them out.

  2. I get knitters envy too when reading Posie Gets Cozy especially – and I can knit!! She knits the most beautiful things (her beautiful photos help too!). Such great inspiration out there on the web. Love your ornaments too, hope they survived Moo’s dribble 😉

  3. The snowmen are adorable! Oh my gosh Moo steeling one made me laugh! Bear does things like that too with my stuffed animals!! Moo you are Moovelous!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

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