A different kind of Advent

I was reading over at Meet Me at Mikes, home of the lovely Pip Lincolne of Blog with Pip fame. Pip is making A Pom Pom a Day in December. She is hanging them on a special re-purposed stick from her local park, and is her special kind of Advent Calendar.

Pompom_12smlI thought this was a lovely idea. Of course, we can’t possibly hang them on a stick in this house ~ Moo would not understand the idea of miscellaneous sticks that did not belong to her ~ but I’m sure we will come up with Plan B very quickly.

I guess we’re stretching the truth a little to call this an advent “calendar”, but once we take into account the Important Facts (IF), I think we will all agree that it’s just the right thing to do.

IF No. 1: Pom poms are easy, quick, and so much fun to make.
IF No. 2: Pom poms use up left-over yarn stash at an alarmingly speedy rate.
IF No. 3: You can never have too many pom poms.
IF No. 4. Pom poms are just so much fun to photograph!
IF No 5: Moo loves pom poms!


Pom_14smlI hope you’re all having a splendid Monday.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

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11 thoughts on “A different kind of Advent

  1. I have a bit of an unnatural love for pom poms, and after seeing Pips advent calender I was determined to make one too. And then I was distracted…But seeing your beautiful pom poms I’ve been re-inspired, they’re beautiful! I’ve got some catch up pom pom making to do!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this….I LOVE it!! I’m going to do it! I went to see Pips blog but I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to leave a comment…any ideas? Lovely visiting with you here, I love your holly christmas bauble :o)

    • Oh wow, it’s so nice to have you visit! 😀 I just looked at how to comment, and if you scroll right down to the bottom it looks like you comment using your Facebook account. Does that seem right? I don’t have a “conversationwithmoo” facebook account, so haven’t comment. She has an awesome blog though, doesn’t she, and I love a good pom pom! Thankyou so much for visiting! x

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