No more play until after Christmas

I decided on the weekend that it was time to stop crocheting and start preparing the house for Christmas. We have relatives coming from Perth ~ a full house actually. We have much cleaning to do, present wrapping, lights to hang, rooms to paint (eeek!) so I decided it was time… time to put down my hook until the preparations are complete.

That certainly doesn’t explain how this happened though.

YarnBomb_35smlMoo and I were innocently weeding the lawn when we saw what could only be described as a completely naked verandah post.

YarnBomb_37smlOf course, we couldn’t just ignore it, now could we?  That would just be wrong!

Love Terri (currently making another star garland for the mantle, oops!) and Moo (currently trying to run away with today’s newly completed pom pom)!

9 thoughts on “No more play until after Christmas

  1. I should really stop too…. But I can’t!! So much Christmas stuff to do but…. I love it too much. Think we will have to start a branch of Crocheters Anonymous!!

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