The finished pin-cushion..

Well, here it is … finished.

PinCushion_25smlI love the colours, but I’m not overly in love with it. I’m a little pleased though, that this is my own pattern. I think I may have over-stuffed it, as I don’t think the shape is quite right.

PinCushion_15smlPinCushion_13smlOnce it’s looked after some pins for a while and the stuffing softens, we’ll see if it improves.

PinCushion_17smlMoo thought you might like to admire her lovely ear.

PinCushion_22smlLove Terri and Moo xxx

15 thoughts on “The finished pin-cushion..

  1. I love these pin cushions you make and think this one is lovely. You’ve also found my weak spot for the super soft fur behind a labs ears. There is a gorgeous friendly big black lab who lives next door to me and I just love playing with his ears, luckily he sort of likes it too!

    • Oh yes, Moo has the softest ear-fur too. They feel almost like velvet. She’s actually quite tolerant of me playing with them too, as long as she’s tired and feeling cuddly!

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