Summer Rose Coasters ~ Pattern

Summer Rose CoastersAs promised, here is the pattern to my Summer Rose Coasters. Enjoy!

Cascade Ultra Pima yarn (in five colours)
3.5mm crochet hook
needle for sewing ends in

ch: chain
htr: half treble crochet
tr: treble crochet
ss: slip stitch
cl: cluster

*** UK terms used
*** break yarn and sew in ends after each row

a: bright pink
b: pale pink
c: pale turquoise
d: turqoise
e: cream


Using colour a start with a magic ring (this post here by Alice describes how to make these really well)

round 1 (colour a): 3 ch (counts as first tr), 1 tr, 2 ch, * 2 tr cl, 2ch **, repeat from * to ** 4 times  into circle, join with a ss into top of first 3 ch set (6 x 2 tr cl, 2ch)

round 2 (colour b): 3 ch, 4 tr into 2 ch space, 4 tr into every 2 ch space to end of round, join with a ss into top of first 3 ch (6 x 4 tr)

round 3 (colour c): 5 ch (counts as first tr and 2 ch), miss next tr, * 1 tr, 2 ch, miss next tr ** repeat from * to end of round, join with a ss into top of first 3 ch (13 x 1 tr, 2ch sts)

round 4 (colour d): holding row 3 forward, repeat row 3 in the missed trebles from row 2 (13 x 1 tr, 2ch sts)

round 5 (colour e): top stitch between each post of each treble of row 2 (I think this may actually be called tambour crochet)

round 6 (colour e): working into rows 3 & 4 together, 2 ch (counts has first htr), 3 htr in first 2 ch space, 4 htr into next and all other 2 ch spaces, join with a ss into top of first 2ch (13 x 4 htr)

round 7 (colour b):  ch 1, dc in same stitch, dc into next and all other htr of previous row, ss to first dc

round 8 (colour c): top stitch in ditch between rows 6 & 7

round 9 (colour a): ch 1, dc in same stitch, dc into next and all other dc of previous row, ss to first dc

Coasters_15smlAs usual, please let me know if there are any errors ~ I’m a definite amateur at pattern writing.

Terri and Moo xxx

32 thoughts on “Summer Rose Coasters ~ Pattern

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  2. Thanks for sharing!! I love these, and have made a few sets already. I see that you’ve made your own matching mandala pattern, do you have this written out at all that you could share? They look fantastic!

  3. Hai! Came across this pattern and it looks absolutely pretty!
    I’m actually trying to make it right now, but i get totally stuck on the 3rd and 4th row, where you say you make 13×2 tr in 24 stitches, which is impossible. Also, in the row description itself it says 1tr, ch 2, skip 1 st, 1tr and repeat. This doesnt make 13×2 tr, but 12×1… If that makes any sense? :p
    Also, when i do it like this, it curls and doesnt stay flat. Its not adding stitches… I fixed it by NOT skipping one stitch and just stuffing an extra tr in… Also, i added 1 more chain, so it becomes 1tr, 3 ch, 1 tr. But still, it annoys me I cant get the look of the picture without ‘fixing’ the pattern like this. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something wrong with the pattern??

    • Hi Amber. I made these about a year ago, so can’t remember exactly what I did, and I do always mention that I’m a crocheter first, pattern writer second, lol! Looking at my finished crochet, it looks like the wording for rows 3 and 4 are correct, however the summary at the end it incorrect – it should say 13 x 1tr, 2ch. Not “13 x 2tr, 2ch”. Mine are not curling at all, however I always block my work.. so maybe that stretched it slightly. I have these original ones in front of me now, and none of them are curling. Kindest regards, Terri

      • Thank you for your swift reply! 🙂 Was wondering if there would be any activity!
        About the curling… perhaps I might do it a bit too tightly, I’ll try working ‘looser’ next time, or blocking my work, as you say. However, I still wonder how you get 13 tr and a skip between every one, in only 24 stitches from the previous round? 🙂

  4. Beautiful pattern and color combination! But I do have to cut each color off at the end of each round, right? Sewing in all those yarn tails is the only part I’m not looking forward to doing 😦
    The extra effort will be well worth it at the end – an intricate and elaborate design lol!

    • Hey Mirian! Yes, I know, it’s a pain, lol! I reckon it’s worth it though, because with lots of colour changes, if you just change as you go, I think you’ll start to notice it – unless of course you do it much neater than I do! 😀

  5. Beautiful pattern and love the colours. Very pretty ! I have different colours lying around which I need to use up so will use them first, although itching to get your colours !!!
    But I am not sure if you are using UK or US crochet terms? Many thanks !

  6. Hi there, thank you for sharing your pattern, your coasters are lovely. As someone previously mentioned, I also get major curling up of my round so it looks more like a bowl when I get to row 3/4. Is it perchance 1tr 3ch? Also for the magic loop, it seems you use one color of yarn and then a different color of yarn for row 1 so that you can see that beautiful star shape that initially caught my eye.
    Thanks again and best of luck with more pattern writing, I’m looking forward to seeing what other projects you’ve designed!

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