6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Very pretty! And I have to add, I admire your restraint, going “wordless.” I don’t think I could resist captioning the picture with some sort of description or explanation…but you are wise to do so. Your beautiful work speaks for itself.

  2. Oh I love your blog! Just found it and love it (did I already say that?). Your crochet is beautiful and so is Moo. What a gorgeous face. I’m looking forward to reading your previous posts and seeing more of your creativity (plus Moo of course). I’m sure our greyhound and GSD (the Cow’n’Wolf) will enjoy it too.

  3. Your work is awesome, the prettiest I think I have seen. Do you share your patterns? I have new great grand babies and a bunch of great nieces and nephews that are going to be with us soon. I love your hat patterns.

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