A gift to take home

Husband and I are going home for the weekend. Home is Perth ~ the other side of Australia. I don’t go home very often. To be honest, when I say “home” now, I mean Melbourne. But still, this weekend we’re going to our “original” home for a friend’s wedding.

I always feel some trepidation about going back. I never felt like I really belonged there, like I belong here in Melbourne. There is something about Melbourne that is just “me”.

One good thing though is we get a chance to catch up with family and friends that we don’t see so often. I’ll be catching up with my oldest friend from childhood. We met in kinder when we were both 4 years old, and even though we don’t see each other much anymore, we start talking and it’s like we’ve never been apart. And 38 years later, her eldest daughter Laura is now turning 12.

I wanted to make something special, as 12 is a special birthday, and Laura is most certainly a very special young lady. I really really hope she likes it.

Lauren Cushion_1sml Lauren Cushion_4sml Lauren Cushion_6sml Lauren Cushion_9sml Lauren Cushion_10sml Lauren Cushion_12sml Lauren Cushion_14sml Lauren Cushion_15sml Lauren Cushion_19sml Lauren Cushion_27sml

The yarn is Adorn Silky Merino DK, from my local yarn store, Wool Baa. This yarn is 90% Merino and 10% Silk. It’s adorable to work with, just so soft.

Now I seem to be between projects. Ahhh, the endless possibilities!

Love Terri and Moo x

PS I think I may have developed some kind of allergy or contact dermatitis from the nickel in my crochet hooks. Does anyone else have this problem? I only ever notice it after extreme crochet binges, like 8 hours in a day. I guess I should consider myself lucky I get those days where I have 8 hours to crochet, right?



8 thoughts on “A gift to take home

    • Thanks so much Lucie! Phew, that gives me confidence that your daughter would like this ~ I only have nephews around that age, so I wasn’t sure if I was on the right track or not. xxx

  1. That’s a great gift. She’s going to love it. As to the contact dermatitis, yes I get that too. I had to change to all bamboo knitting needles and wood crochet hooks.

    • Thanks for commenting. So maybe I’m not imagining the contact dermatitis – I couldn’t think what else it would be, and it only ever happens when I crochet. It will be hard to swap from my pink Tulip Etimo hooks ~ I love them so much, sigh. I guess the best thing would be to try changing over to wood, then at least I’ll know.

  2. I can only use plastic or wooden crochet hooks, not just dermatitis, but I also find I get really achey hands. Have just started using the clover ones with the rubber moulded handles – worth every cents, hands feel great

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