A beanie obsession ~ the beginning…

During my hiatus from blogging, I developed a little bit of a beanie-making obsession. Like doilies, I really don’t think you can ever have enough beanies.


This one was my first. Current count is 4. The 5th will be started this afternoon. I really can’t help myself. 😀

BeanieOne_3sml BeanieOne_4sml BeanieOne_1sml

I used Adorn Silky Merino DK, from Wool Baa. I believe I’ve already gone on enough about how lovely this is to crochet with!

BeanieOne_5sml BeanieOne_7sml

Love Terri and Moo xxx

17 thoughts on “A beanie obsession ~ the beginning…

  1. LOVING your blog still btw. I wear my capelet made through inspiration from you by my gorgeous crafty friend Mish, and think of your often! Beanies?!?! Orders?!?! Hope all well down there. Kirsti x

    • Hey Kirsti! Long time no speak! 😀 Yes, it’s all about beanies at the moment – although I wish it was a bit colder… winter has just not arrived in Melbourne yet. Hope you and your family are well. x

    • Thanks so much! The colours were actually purchased to start making a granny square blanket in the colours of sweet pea flowers. I got sick of making the granny squares, hence the beanie!

    • Thankyou! Yes, it’s my own design. It just kind of “happened” as I went along, but it’s pretty straight forward – in fact, none of my stuff is really made from “fancy” stitches – I’m too lazy! 😀

  2. I LoVe this!! The black really makes this something special. It’s the start of summer here in England so not really in beanie make mode – must remember this in a few months time!

  3. Love the colour combo, the photos are stunning have you been on a photography course they look super professional ??

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comments! I’ve done various photography courses over the years, and have a decent DSLR with a very good lens (it’s all about the quality of the lens)! Luckily I bought it before we bought a house with a “real” mortgage, as I’d never be able to spend that much now!

    • Thanks so much! I do tend to add black to things – and also love stained glass… I wonder if the two are linked, I never thought of that before. x

    • Thanks! Actually, this is probably the most interesting one so far. Whilst some of the others look nice on, they don’t look so much in a photo. I’m about to start a new one though, that I have high hopes for. I will report back! 😀

  4. I ove it, great colors. A couple of winters back I had a real beanie obsession too, dont worry it will pass, and in the meantime just enjoy it!!!!

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