A crochet~free long weekend

Yes, It felt extremely weird writing that! I had great plans for crochet, I really did. I figured if I used my time wisely, I’d be able to devote at least 20 hours or so to crochet, over 3 days.

But then this happened…. Licorice_13sml

Yes. Knitting. Weird.


It’s going to be a Licorice All-sorts scarf.


No. I’m not a very fast knitter. This took all weekend!


5pm Monday night.

I’ve run out of green, purple, yellow and light blue. Luckily Wool Baa will be open again tomorrow!


Love Terri and Moo xxx

PS In other news, on Saturday afternoon Moo managed to sprain her tail whilst hooning out the dog door at a zillion miles an hour, in pursuit of a suspected possum. After much crying and whimpering, it was a trip to the vet on Sunday morning for an anti-inflammatory injection. I am pleased to report that tail activity is back to normal now, and all is right in puppy-world.


13 thoughts on “A crochet~free long weekend

  1. I love your scarf! The colors are magnificent! Sorry to hear about Moo’s sprain but so happy it’s all better now!! You are making me miss doing a knitting project too but I have to be a good gal and finish my two crochet projects! Tee hee! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  2. Yes… it’s strange how plans to crochet turn to knitting…. I have similar things happen to me, make plans in my head, then my good intentions get hold of a project and I scrub around the original plan A!! I do love the scarf, absolutely liquorice all-sorts!
    Hope Moo will be fully recovered soon…. keep busy!

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