Evie Muse

In February this year, a good friend of Moo and I had a gorgeous little daughter. Her name is Evie Muse (yes, I know, what an adorable name, right)?

I’m in the middle of a bigger gift for her, but I thought she might need a little beanie to get through the start of the Melbourne winter. It’s too small for her now though. Hopefully she has a new one, as it’s pretty cold here at the moment!









Yes, Moo liked it too!

In other news, I’m in the middle of a bit of a mid-winter slump. I have about six projects half finished, but can’t seem to get inspired to finish anything just at the moment. Actually, there’s probably more than six projects – I’m not thinking about it too much in case the number is even more embarrassing!

Love Terri and Moo x

13 thoughts on “Evie Muse

  1. I’m just coming out of a bit of a crochet slump (was lacking inspiration) and am slowly getting back in the zone. It’s Summer in the UK though, so it’s very warm and stuffy… I need some cotton yarn to work with rather than wool, which is making my hands too hot!

    • Oh, sometimes it’s really hard to crochet in summary – and you’re right, a good cotton yarn. It’s funny, I seem to crochet most in January, which is stinking hot in Australia… but it’s when all the good inspiration is on the international blogs (your winter) and I just can’t help myself!

    • Haha! Yes, Moo is learning that when I’m trying to photograph something I get the giggles if she tries to steal it – so it’s definitely her new thing. Hugs back xxx

  2. The beanie is absolutely gorgeous! As is Moo, of course! You always choose beautiful colours. It’s rotten when you have crafting slumps, but you are such a beautiful crocheter you’ll get your mojo back – just be kind and patient with yourself – and hug Moo heaps! xoxoxoxoxox

    • Thankyou for your comment. Yes, that’s definitely what it is – a crafting slump – in the middle of winter too, it just doesn’t make sense! Actually, I think it’s just been a long winter, so a general slump! xxx

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