Instant Gratification Crochet

Even though I have (cough) six crochet projects currently on the go, I had this little idea the other night… for a spring-time anklet. I know, it’s not spring yet. In fact it’s freezing, grey, drizzly, and just blah. Which is all the more reason why a spring-time anklet seemed like an essential seventh project.


Anklet_5smlI bought this thread in New York last year. It was at the very back of a little haberdashery store in the Garment District – up a rickety staircase, buried in the bottom of a box. It’s Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread, size 3… and so lovely to work with.

Obviously, it’s a favourite with Moo too.


Anklet_8smlThank you all for the lovely comments about my adorable knitted socks. I’m wearing the green and pink pair now…. so so warm and snuggly.

Love Terri and Moo xxx


14 thoughts on “Instant Gratification Crochet

    • Thanks! The anklet is just rows of chain stitch, joined with a knot, and then tied to a clasp (or clasp ring actually – not sure the technical term). I tried to tie it neatly with half-hitch knots so that it would look nice. Then I cut the loose end quite close, and put a bit of craft glue on the join… so hopefully it won’t fray too much!

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