A reluctant model…

After 18 years living in Melbourne, I’ve finally convinced husband that there is such a thing as a Manly Scarf.Ā  Of course, it couldn’t be multi-coloured, or have stripes, or too much pattern, or heaven-forbid tassels ~ eek!

Dwayne Scarf_2sml

Not being a knitter, this took me a good few weeks. I think it’s moss stitch, although it could be seed stitch, or something else – I do get confused.

The yarn is Morris and Sons Empire 10ply 100% Australian Superfine Merino. It’s delicious to work with, and will hopefully be just as enjoyable to wear.

Love Terri and Moo (and a wave from reluctant-husband) xxx


27 thoughts on “A reluctant model…

  1. Great scarf and a wonderful hubby!! He must be very proud of you and your work!! He is smiling!! Cute post!

    • Thankyou! I’m not sure he appreciated quite how long it took me – I’m a very slow knitter. But he’s now worn it a few times, so hopefully it will become a favourite.

      • Oh I can tell he appreciated your work and time very much!! When it gets good and cold, it will be the first item he reaches for heading out the door!

  2. In Italy men normally DO wear scarves in Winter. So, reassure your hubby that’s perfectly manly! šŸ˜€
    BTW, great scarf!

  3. Just go wild, I made my partner wear a blue and red striped tie with yellow frill for his whole birthday – he foolishly said that he’d wear anything I got him on his birthday!

    This one is lovely though, I might go a little more conservative and give this a go!

  4. Well that scarf is manly for sure, very elegant and beautifully knitted. I am now scared that it will take me 18 years to convince my husband to wear something šŸ˜€

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