A reluctant model…


After 18 years living in Melbourne, I’ve finally convinced husband that there is such a thing as a Manly Scarf.  Of course, it couldn’t be multi-coloured, or have stripes, or too much pattern, or heaven-forbid tassels ~ eek!

Dwayne Scarf_2sml

Not being a knitter, this took me a good few weeks. I think it’s moss stitch, although it could be seed stitch, or something else – I do get confused.

The yarn is Morris and Sons Empire 10ply 100% Australian Superfine Merino. It’s delicious to work with, and will hopefully be just as enjoyable to wear.

Love Terri and Moo (and a wave from reluctant-husband) xxx


Instant Gratification Crochet


Even though I have (cough) six crochet projects currently on the go, I had this little idea the other night… for a spring-time anklet. I know, it’s not spring yet. In fact it’s freezing, grey, drizzly, and just blah. Which is all the more reason why a spring-time anklet seemed like an essential seventh project.


Anklet_5smlI bought this thread in New York last year. It was at the very back of a little haberdashery store in the Garment District – up a rickety staircase, buried in the bottom of a box. It’s Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread, size 3… and so lovely to work with.

Obviously, it’s a favourite with Moo too.


Anklet_8smlThank you all for the lovely comments about my adorable knitted socks. I’m wearing the green and pink pair now…. so so warm and snuggly.

Love Terri and Moo xxx


An Unexpected Parcel


Normally when a parcel arrives for me at work it’s something boring like stationery, or food for Moo**, or a present I’ve bought for somebody else. Last week though, something special arrived, something special and just for me and completely unexpected!


Can you guess what it is?


Or does this picture help? No?


Yes, that’s right, not one but two pairs of gorgeous hand-knitted socks from my mother-in-law, Verna.



I already have three lovely pairs knitted by Verna. I love them so much that I’ve started “saving” them. We’re going to New York in December, and I know I’ll need them there. So unbeknown to me, husband mentioned to his mother that another pair or two would be gratefully accepted, and appreciated.

And here they are….


I can’t decide which colour I like best. The obvious choice is the pink… but then, the green and pink are particularly handsome too, don’t you think?

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, and that the weather is warmer than it is in Melbourne. I really do think it’s time for spring, regardless of what the calendar says.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

** Moo wanted me to mention that she doesn’t think having dog food delivered is boring.


Evie Muse


In February this year, a good friend of Moo and I had a gorgeous little daughter. Her name is Evie Muse (yes, I know, what an adorable name, right)?

I’m in the middle of a bigger gift for her, but I thought she might need a little beanie to get through the start of the Melbourne winter. It’s too small for her now though. Hopefully she has a new one, as it’s pretty cold here at the moment!









Yes, Moo liked it too!

In other news, I’m in the middle of a bit of a mid-winter slump. I have about six projects half finished, but can’t seem to get inspired to finish anything just at the moment. Actually, there’s probably more than six projects – I’m not thinking about it too much in case the number is even more embarrassing!

Love Terri and Moo x

A crochet~free long weekend


Yes, It felt extremely weird writing that! I had great plans for crochet, I really did. I figured if I used my time wisely, I’d be able to devote at least 20 hours or so to crochet, over 3 days.

But then this happened…. Licorice_13sml

Yes. Knitting. Weird.


It’s going to be a Licorice All-sorts scarf.


No. I’m not a very fast knitter. This took all weekend!


5pm Monday night.

I’ve run out of green, purple, yellow and light blue. Luckily Wool Baa will be open again tomorrow!


Love Terri and Moo xxx

PS In other news, on Saturday afternoon Moo managed to sprain her tail whilst hooning out the dog door at a zillion miles an hour, in pursuit of a suspected possum. After much crying and whimpering, it was a trip to the vet on Sunday morning for an anti-inflammatory injection. I am pleased to report that tail activity is back to normal now, and all is right in puppy-world.


A beanie obsession ~ the beginning…


During my hiatus from blogging, I developed a little bit of a beanie-making obsession. Like doilies, I really don’t think you can ever have enough beanies.


This one was my first. Current count is 4. The 5th will be started this afternoon. I really can’t help myself. 😀

BeanieOne_3sml BeanieOne_4sml BeanieOne_1sml

I used Adorn Silky Merino DK, from Wool Baa. I believe I’ve already gone on enough about how lovely this is to crochet with!

BeanieOne_5sml BeanieOne_7sml

Love Terri and Moo xxx



It’s good to be back home. I missed my lovely Moo ~ and the gorgeous autumn weather we’ve been having. It’s also lovely to be back amongst all things yarny. I seem to come up with my best crochet ideas when I have neither the right yarn nor the right hook available. 4 days with only a 4mm hook ~ it seemed like it would work at the time!

Talking about crochet ideas, below are some sneak-peak photos of my latest project. I must confess though, that this idea wasn’t mine ~ I stole it off a friend (hi Lisa)! And worse still, I haven’t yet confessed in-person about this act of thievery, so this will be the first that Lisa knows of it, oops! 😀


I’ve wanted to do something with Noro Silk Garden for years. I see gorgeous sample garments and things made up with Noro in yarn stores, but even though I always admire them, nothing has even seemed quite “me” before… before Lisa’s Afghan Idea that is.

Afghan_5sml Afghan_6sml Afghan_8sml

One of the special things about Noro Silk Garden is how amazing the colours are. Also, the colour you see on the outside might be completely different to the colours inside. Rather than try and match it, I just buy a new ball of any colour whenever I’m running low.

Afghan_9sml Afghan_11sml