A different kind of Advent


I was reading over at Meet Me at Mikes, home of the lovely Pip Lincolne of Blog with Pip fame. Pip is making A Pom Pom a Day in December. She is hanging them on a special re-purposed stick from her local park, and is her special kind of Advent Calendar.

Pompom_12smlI thought this was a lovely idea. Of course, we can’t possibly hang them on a stick in this house ~ Moo would not understand the idea of miscellaneous sticks that did not belong to her ~ but I’m sure we will come up with Plan B very quickly.

I guess we’re stretching the truth a little to call this an advent “calendar”, but once we take into account the Important Facts (IF), I think we will all agree that it’s just the right thing to do.

IF No. 1: Pom poms are easy, quick, and so much fun to make.
IF No. 2: Pom poms use up left-over yarn stash at an alarmingly speedy rate.
IF No. 3: You can never have too many pom poms.
IF No. 4. Pom poms are just so much fun to photograph!
IF No 5: Moo loves pom poms!


Pom_14smlI hope you’re all having a splendid Monday.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

PS Have you entered our Christmas Star Garland Giveaway yet? If not, please do!

100th Post Giveaway


Giveaway_4smlMoo and I were enjoying the lovely weather in the garden this afternoon, whilst trying to run away with photographing some crochet bits and pieces. We realised that it’s not only the first of December and considerably less than a month till Christmas, but that our little blog was about to reach it’s 100th post.

Who would have thought it? Certainly not us!

Giveaway_14smlI was trying to thinking of something special to do or to write about for our 100th post, and I thought, how about a giveaway? Wouldn’t that be a nice way of saying a big thankyou to you all, for still reading about us, and leaving lovely comments and likes.

The giveaway is this little Christmas Star Garland, made with Rowan Cotton Glace. It is 13 stars in total, in pale pink, red and green. I would like to send it to one lovely reader. It will pack up quite small, so I’m happy to post it to anywhere in the world.

Giveaway_21sml Giveaway_20sml Giveaway_19smlI’ve not done a giveaway before, so I hope I’m doing it right. It will run for one week, and I’m using PromoSimple, who will pick out one winner at the end of the week. I’ve never used this site before, but fingers crossed it will all go smoothly.

So, with that, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to you all, from Moo and I. We’re having such a lovely time with out little blog.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

PS Star pattern from Jelly Wares, design idea from the lovely Messyla.

Five Things


Five Things

Good Evening

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Mine was fun but busy ~ possibly a little too busy for my liking, since all that activity has seriously limited my crochet time!

As part of the Blog with Pip course I’m doing, we’ve been given some homework, to photograph five things that describe our weekend. Well, since I don’t seem to follow instruction too well (oops!) I have a list of five things I did, and five photographs ~ but they don’t exactly coincide. I’m sure Pip will forgive me. πŸ˜€

Things I did on the weekend:

1.Β  I went to the Design Files Open House. I’ve not been to one before, and it’s a pretty clever idea. Set in a suburban house, or converted warehouse in this case I think, it is a showcase for the latest Melbourne designers and artists. I will admit that it was a little too cool for me, but pretty clever nonetheless.

2.Β  And at this Open House, there was Beci Orpin ~ autographing copies of her new book. Now, Beci is the coolest of the cool in my opinion. I have one of her books, and it was kind of like having a superstar in the room. Of course, I was too shy to actually say hello!

3.Β  On Saturday, I went into the city with my mother, and friend Suse. We had lunch here and bought Christmas presents and decorations here.

4.Β  I admired the photography at Winter Owls, and reminisced about my favourite Melbourne Laneways, and decided it was time to visit them again.

5.Β  I thought it was time I started making Moo’s Christmas presents. This one is special ~ it has not one but two squeakers inside, for double the squeaky-power.

Squeaky_10smlI chose colours to match her favourite cushion.

Squeaky_5smlSqueaky_4smlUnfortunately, I didn’t manage to hide it fast enough!

Squeaky_12smlSqueaky_25smlCurrent Moo present count = zero.

Knitting Envy


Hello Everyone

Today I would like to talk about envy, specifically knitting envy. Do you ever spend hours devouring other blogs, and wish your makes were as good? There are plenty of examples out there of just what I mean, but here are just a few…

1. Posie Gets Cozy ~ especially here and here
2. Foxs Lane ~ especially here, here and isn’t this the best picture ever?
3. Crochet with Raymond ~ unfortunately Alice doesn’t post here anymore – it was such a sad day when she wrote her last post. Thankfully she left the site up for us though, her crochet is gorgeous, but so is her knitting. Check out her monsters here and here, and her socks, here and here.

In this case, it’s not actually blog envy, more mother-in-law envy. These gorgeous little Christmas Decorative Wonders were a gift from my MIL Verna *waves to Verna if she’s reading*. When I went back to my hometown of Perth last weekend, Verna gave me these to bring back. We’re all spending Christmas together at our house this year, and these will have pride of place on our tree.

What impresses me most is the level of detail. Look at the hats, and scarves, and stick arms and even the little noses! I’m just not convinced I’d have the patience, but I will treasure these. It’s really nice to be getting a collection of handmade decorations to bring out each year. πŸ™‚



PS. No Christmas Snowmen were injured during the shooting of this blog post.

A little christmas cheer



Hello friends

First things first, a big thank you for the lovely comments on my last post. Sometimes I forget that there are *real* people out there reading, and it continually surprises me what a nice community there is in the world of crafters / dog lovers. πŸ˜€

Well I couldn’t help myself, I really did need a small diversion from the yarn-bomb-in-progress, and what nicer way than a little Christmas cheer. I’ve been rather jealous of two of my favourite bloggers / creators, who have both been busy making some gorgeous Christmas decorations here and here. I had every plan to be a good person and not evenΒ touch anything Chrismassy until my orange tree was complete, but all good plans are made to be broken, aren’t they? Please say yes! πŸ˜€

Really though, I didn’t feel like I had much choice with this little decoration. I thought of it whilst in the middle of my fifth orange square of the day, and next thing you know… we had begun.

Christmas_4smlFor the holly I used Lucy’s Holly Pattern. As usual with Lucy, this design is simple, easy to follow, and gives just the right result. The rest of the pattern, well it was just kind of made up as I went along.

My head is filled now, with other decorative Christmas ideas ~ maybe the yarn-bomb-fairies will come over night and put me out of my misery!

Xmas Moo_7smlXmas Moo9smlMoo is very pleased to be back in front of the camera, can you tell? She just got back from a lovely long Sunday morning walk to a new off-lead dog park. Hopefully that means she’ll be happy to snooze quietly for the rest of the day so I can crochet in peace.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

It’s been a while…


Hello everyone πŸ™‚

I didn’t realise, but it’s been over a month since I’ve visit. My only excuse is that life has just got in the way. I’m sure you understand how that can happen! Also, I will admit, I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo a little. Life has just been a little “blah”, and I guess that’s reflected in my blogging too.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been crocheting though. Oh, there has been crochet alright! Do you like orange? I used to like orange, before I signed up to yarn bomb a whole tree in orange. I better keep details of the project under wraps for another few weeks – just until I’m sure it can be announced. I will say though, that “my tree” is 2 metres tall by 55cm wide, and the brief is orange motifs – all orange.

City Square_1sml

Luckily I chose some quite nice yarn – it’s Patons Cotton – not too expensive, but easy to work with. For the flowers and some of the middles I’ve used different (orange!) shades of Sirdar Baby Bamboo. This yarn is just scrumptious. Once I get back to post-yarn-bombing-reality, I’d love to make something else with this, it’s so nice to work with.

In other news, a few weeks ago I signed up for an online blogging course with Pip Lincolne. I’m rather fond of all-things-Pip-Lincolne – not in an icky stalkerish way or anything though, of course not. We’re only into week two, but I’ve learned so much already. In the coming weeks, fingers crossed you will see some improvements here. If I’m clever enough, I may even work out how to make a Pinterest button, so you can follow us over at Moo’s Pinterest page.

Well, I hope you’re all well, and not too busy. Melbourne is not coming to the party with much nice spring weather yet, but we remain (unrealistically) optimistic. Now, I’m going to put my jacket and beanie on and take Moo for a little pre-dinner walk.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

PS Today I got a bit of sad news from my Dad’s wife. Their dog Flute passed away yesterday. We lost my Dad six years ago, before Moo came into our lives. I never quite understood how much Dad loved Flute until I met our Moo. Flute was a gorgeous golden labrador, and she lived to 14 and a half years old. I hope we have our Moo for that long – she has been getting lots of extra hugs today.

A little purse…


This little purse is a cut-down version of a bigger bag (yet to be photographed). The original pattern was from Patons Modern Crochet Book 1316.

Purse_1smlIt was originally going to be a small clutch bag to take to a wedding in November, but it turned out too small. Purse_6smlSo now I have a small purse, a big bag, and I’m about to start on the in-between-for-wedding-bag. πŸ˜€

Purse_12smlThis is made using two strands of yarn together. I’ve used Rowan Cotton Glace, but you could use something cheaper ~ I just had some Rowan in my stash. And since husband has been threatening a Yarn-Intervention, I thought I best try to cut down by one or two balls. Nothing serious, mind you!

Purse_10smlThe flower pattern is one I occasionally play around with. As much as I love the look of multiple-tier flowers, I don’t enjoy making them. This one is a compromise. Still a pretty look, but very easy to make.

The zip and lining are hand stitched in place. Have I mentioned how much I hate sewing zips? The thinking-about-it was worse than the “doing it” though, I must say.

Purse_5smlPurse_2smlMoo could kind of give or take it….


A craftless post …


Yes, I know, practically unheard of. But, you see, I have this new kitchen. Husband built it for me. It’s really too scrumptious not to share.

Kitchen_2smlKitchen_7smlKitchen_13smlKitchen_12smlKitchen_24smlOh, there is a little bit of crafting at least. Made by my lovely mother-in-law.

Kitchen_16smlKitchen_35smlMoo thinks our new kitchen is pretty alright too….but it was exhausting watching it being built.

Kitchen_21bsmlOf course, we all know a new kitchen will dramatically improve my crochet! πŸ˜€

Spring Pouches!


Today was the first day of spring, thank goodness. I also just realised that Moo and I haven’t written for the whole of August ~ eek! It’s not that we weren’t crafting, I think it just got to that stage in winter where trying to get enough light for photographs just became all too much work. The house where we live is only 5.5 metres wide, and with the sun so low in the sky, our window of opportunity is rather slim.

But now it’s spring, and I feel like life has suddenly become brighter again! πŸ™‚

I have a few projects still to photograph, but here is the first.

Pouch_16smlLittle Pouches, by Elisabeth Andree. Also, more pouches here and here!

Pouch_18smlPouch_22smlAren’t they just the cutest? The yarn I used is Cascade Ultra Pima. This is a wonderful, almost glowing cotton yarn – it’s definitely one of my favourites … and a 3.5mm hook

Pouch_19smlLike Elisabeth, I think this could become a rather addictive little project. They are so easy, and fast, and enjoyable to make, and Elisabeth’s pattern is really easy to follow.

Pouch_15smlPouchMoo_08smlDoesn’t Moo look like she’s sick of winter too?

It’s good to be back πŸ™‚