I have no idea how it happened…


Completely innocently, I went into the sewing room to do the ironing.

….. and somehow these happened!



They made themselves so quickly and it was such fun, and all the little yarn scraps got themselves new homes.



I’m really not sure where this one came from. He’s quite hairy, isn’t he?


…. Moo is a worrier though… and was not quite sure about these pom pom things… and she knows the ironing will not do itself.


Christmas Preparation ~ Part 2


Well, I realised if I’m going to be at all realistic about my “To Craft” list for Christmas, I better speed things up a little.

This stool cover pattern is way quicker …and maybe not as fancy, but pretty nevertheless I reckon.

The pattern is from the lovely Alice at Hook Knit Spin. I’ve used this Mandala pattern so many times, and it’s just so nice to crochet…and so quick that it really has that instant gratification thing going… which is never a bad thing 🙂

These pictures were taken a little late in the day, hence the low light – sorry about that.

It was also getting a little too close to Moo’s dinner time. She wasn’t too impressed with this photo session.

PS Only three more to go!

Christmas Preparation ~ Part 1


Do you realise it’s only 7 weeks till Christmas? Yes, I know, eek!

We’re having Christmas Lunch at our house ~ 14 adults, 5 children and 1 Moo. Yes, I know, eek again!

Since we’ll be dragging out the boring old multi-use covered-in-paint $6 Ikea stools, I thought it’d be nice to give them a little extra Christmas cheer. Then I found this awesome blog by Crochet Missy, linking me to these terrific stool-cover instructions by Petra.

It was so easy to follow, and I’m so pleased with the result.

The yarn is by Spotlight ~ Moda Vera Beetle, 50% cotton / 50% acrylic. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I do not like working with acrylic yarn. Still, the colours are bright, it was part of my stash, and wasn’t expensive ….

Moo was ever-so-slightly impressed.

Only five more to go!

Moo twoo!


A little while ago (a little over a year actually!), a good friend of mine gifted me this book as a thankyou present – I crochetted a border on a little baby’s blanket she had knitted.

Well, I was a little excited, but a very large bit hesitant. Those little doggies did not look easy to knit!

But last summer holidays I thought I’d give it a go. And it was really not so hard – each individual leg, or arm, or torso – as long as I didn’t look too far ahead!

Eventually I had all the pieces, and turned over the page to see about putting Moo Two together. Well, that was a surprise – a whole page of joining-together instructions – eeeeek! Luckily, as explained here, I have a wonderful Mother-in-Law 😀

Isn’t she adorable? … and see how the real Moo has that little white patch over her left eye?

Well, Moo Two does too!

Perugino Carousel Throw


Well, I feel just a tad guilty about this little project.

You see, I bought this gorgeous Mohair Throw Rug Kit a few months ago, when I was meant to be purchasing yarn for my mother’s Spring Blanket. Well, I figured that I was spending so much money anyway, what would a little more matter? (I’m sure you’ve never done that).

…and what’s more, this is knitting we’re talking here, not crochet. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about my lack of knitting prowess – that’s probably pretty obvious by the lack of knitting-related finished products I’ve ever posted. Actually,  I just checked back, the answer is a big fat one!

So, it’s lucky for me I have a wonderfully talented and accommodating mother-in-law, who takes on the selfless role of project-finisher with such good grace. Ok, who am I kidding – she did finish this, but she also started it and did all the middle too. I did wind the yarn into balls though, and added the fringing… it’s not like I’m totally useless 😀

Isn’t it gorgeous?

…and again in close-up

…and the mad fringing I added at Craft Group the other night, whilst eating too many Tim Tams and feeding chocolate to visiting Halloween goblins.

I think there’s just enough left-over mohair to make this gorgeous cushion over at Hook Knit Spin. Do you think they’d look splendid together?

Moo thinks it matches perfectly with her new collar, and has requested it for her bed. I told her we’ll see…..

The Big Adventure


Well, The Big Adventure is finally about to begin. Today we are flying to the other side of the world.

Of course, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance, so I’ve marked out everywhere we need to visit, and divided the days into different colours.

Husband doesn’t realise just how many of these Important Landmarks are actually craft shops. But I figured it could stay our little secret until it’s too late 🙂

I know you’re all concerned that I haven’t mentioned who will be looking after Moo during this Adventure. Well, of course we wouldn’t forget her. My In-laws have flown all the way across the country to keep her company. I have written an 11 page Information Book, to ensure she is kept in the manner to which she is accustomed!

Moo thought she might like a bit of bling to wear on their arrival.

I think she likes it!

Is it Spring yet?


Well, it is spring according to the calendar, but it’s still so cold, and rainy, and blustery here in Melbourne at the moment. And this week it’s forecast rain, rain and more rain all week, sigh.

But it’s nice to see tiny little glimpses of spring here and there, like our first flowering annuals.

… or the sun warming Moo’s nose.

… or a pretty green string flower….

Well ok, maybe this flower didn’t bloom specifically for spring. These are the drinking glasses I bought for my friend’s birthday. I really couldn’t have a gift leave my sewing room looking naked without a crochet flower… but as I mentioned before, this was a boy-gift. So, I thought this string flower might be a little more Manly.

Do you agree?

Cozy Tea ~ A Sip of Spring


And here is what I’ve been working on this week, that I couldn’t talk about until it had winged its way to its new home with Suse. Now that she’s received it (and likes it, yay!), here it is!

I’m rather ridiculously pleased with it. Firstly, because it’s the first proper thing I’ve ever made without a pattern. Secondly, because even though it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d envisaged, I think it’s really simple but still so cute!

So, here it is, A Sip of Spring.

Using Rowan Cotton Glace (of course), and discontinued Rowan Cotton in the pale lemon.

Suse originally sent me dimensions of the tea pot, and a photo, but I just wasn’t quite getting it. So, I went and bought a pot to build it on, so that it would be exactly right. Of course, now I end up with a spare tea pot… which will just have to have it’s own little cozy for meeee!

Here are some (lots!) more pictures. I couldn’t quite help myself…

The flower and butterfly I didn’t design myself.

The pansy is from a great little book called “100 flowers to knit & crochet” by Lesley Stanfield. And it was hard to crochet. It was in the section called “Advanced”. Well, I thought I was advanced, but it took a whole evening and quite a few swears (Moo had to cover her ears with her paws)… but we got there eventually.

The butterfly is from a book called “75 birds, bees, butterflies & bugs to knit and crochet” by Lesley Stanfield. Thankfully, it was much easier than the pansy.

Now, Moo has only met Suse once, when she came to stay for a lovely long weekend. Moo loved Suse, of course, and just couldn’t let A Sip of Spring go without a good-luck lick.

Nicholas Building ~ Open Studios


The Nicholas Building is an amazing old building in the city, home to many of Melbourne’s artisans and crafts people.

Each year, they open their studios to the public, in a once only Open Studios event. I’ve been the last three years, and always find it amazing.

Besides the talent and variety of the studios, the building itself is really interesting. It’s just a little bit creepy. I hope it’s ok to say that, I don’t think I’d be the only person who would think so. It’s the kind of place, where if working late at night and you heard a strange noise, you’d think the worst!

I think this pic gives a bit of an idea of what I’m talking about.

Floor 2, Studio 5

The sweetest little shop called Puccello Vintage Haberdashery. I couldn’t find a web link. Strange. Maybe they’re the only place left in existence that doesn’t have a website?

They sell vintage haberdashery, a lovely array of Liberty print fabric, crochet thread, exquisite crocheted scarves, 100% wool felt… and just too much to name.

This is what I bought. Maybe it will crochet into a nice basket?

Floor 3, Studio 10

Dead & Buried is the workshop of some talented Melbourne jewellers and a shoe-maker. One of the jewellers, Emily Green, makes these delightful coloured necklaces. I’ve long been coveting one. I bought one for a friend for her birthday, but have been dreaming of having my own.


Moo was not sure why I was out in the yard on such a cold Saturday afternoon photographing jewellery, when I should’ve been on the sofa being a Moo-pillow and turning the heater on. She is ready for summer!

Granny Square Sunday #4


I must say there hasn’t been a lot of crochet being done this week. Moo and I had a bit of a scare earlier in the week. We were going for our walk the other evening, minding our own business, and just around the corner from home another dog suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked Moo. It was completely unprovoked and very scary. Moo wasn’t hurt though, thank goodness – I think it was me that was more traumatized by the whole incident actually!

It’s taken me a little time to get back into things.

We do have a new granny square though. It’s called Bogonia. It’s not a favourite, but that’s kind of what can be expected for the week!