A Decorative Trio


Well, it seems I’m finally getting into the swing of this Christmas decoration business.

Xmas Trio_38smlXmas Trio_39smlUnfortunately though, there’s no getting around the fact that our tree decorations are all dark blue and turquoise, and my latest pale pink is just not going to match. I’m thinking a few more decorations though, and I’ll be able to make it into a lovely festive garland for above the mantel. Would that work do you think?

Xmas Trio_32sml

Instructions for the Holly Bauble are in this post.

Xmas Trio_42smlPattern for the Coloured Bauble **choose your own colours**
1st row dc 6
2nd row increase in each stitch (12)
3rd row increase in every 2nd stitch (18)
4th row increase in every 3rd stitch (24)
5th row increase in every 4th (32)
6th row increase in every 5th (38)
7 – 11 rows dc in each dc (38)
**start stuffing here and continue till last row**
12 – 17 decrease to match increase

Xmas Trio_34smlThe star pattern is from Jelly Wares. I made two stars and joined together with a contrasting dc.

This might be getting a little addictive I think. 😀

Ten Christmas Crochet Creations


Every year I promise myself that I’ll start preparing for Christmas earlier, and every year I seem to start early enough ~ but then it all falls in a heap. Life just gets busy, and I end up disappointed with myself, because I want everything to be perfect.

After attempting my own little crochet decoration, I started looking around to see what nice patterns were out there. There are some really cute little crochet Christmas decorations that look pretty easy to make too.

Here are ten of them:

1.  Reindeer Cup Cozy ~ this is such a brilliant idea! I probably won’t actually make this one, but will wish I had. 😀

2.  A set of Crochet Coasters ~ a great easy-to-make Christmas gift.

3.  Easy Christmas Star from Jelly Wares ~ just three rows, and looks really lovely.

4.  Christmas Tree Decoration from Little Woollie ~ easy tutorial, stunning colours!

5.  A set of Christmas Character Coasters ~ from the Crochet Spot

6.   Gorgeous Crochet Christmas Baubles ~ by the wonderful Pip!

7.  A Striped Christmas Stocking from Yvestown ~ in the sweetest pastel colours.

8.  A garland of Christmas Ornaments ~ I’ve mentioned these previously, but they’re just too cute to not include in this list.

9.  A Christmas Star from The New Crochet ~ simple but stylish, and

10.  A little Christmas Stocking Ornament by Shara ~ perfect for the Christmas tree!

I think from this list, I will manage a few last minute little festive blings.

Christas Bauble_sml