Do Blogs have Birthdays?


If so, today is the first birthday of A Conversation with Moo 😀

I remember 12 months ago today, trying to take pictures of my sewing room with the same limited Melbourne winter’s light that we’re having now.

I remember cursing and thinking just how much I dislike using my tripod, just like I was yesterday.

I remember Moo photo-bombing my Happy House Plushie… not realising that this would become a habit!

I know this is sounding terribly sentimental, but I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for liking, for laughing, for offering suggestions, and for leading me on wonderful adventures into new worlds.

I was hoping to have a finished project to share on this special day… but that was before I started knitting…

Gloves_19sml…and not just knitting, but knitting with 2.25mm needles and 4ply yarn ~ eek!

The yarn is Morris Empire 4ply Merino, the fingerless gloves pattern also from Morris and Sons.

Gloves_18smlThe first glove is finished ~ just needs to be sewn up. Husband has requested a pair too, so I better get going!

Moo_6smlMoo wasn’t getting excited about this special day … I couldn’t even get a smile for the camera.

Knitty City Capelet

… my first adventures in knitting!

Last month when I was in New York, I spent way too much time and money in my favourite yarn store of all time, Knitty City. I love the community feel of this store, and it really is hard to not be inspired by at least a dozen projects every time you walk in the door.

When I was attending the How to Knit a Hat in the Round class, people kept dropping by the table to chat, and see what we were up to. One young lady who visited was wearing a gorgeous burgundy capelet. I didn’t know it was called a capelet at the time, but on further enquiry, I found out not only the name, but that it actually belonged to the shop – she was just a little chilly so put it on!

What’s more, since it was made using knit-in-the-round, which I was now an “expert” in (haha!), I just had to give it a go!


The pattern is out of the Rowan Winter Warmers book. It’s a lovely book, with heaps of fairly easy projects. The yarn is Rowan Lima, a gorgeous blend of baby alpaca and merino wool, and so lovely to work with.

I thought it needed a little flower to finish it off. I couldn’t find any Rowan Lima in Australia, but my local yarn store did have a few colours of Rowan Felted Tweed, that I thought matched rather well.


The flower pattern is by the wonderful Lucy at Attic24. Such an easy pattern to follow. I just left off the final outer row in contrasting colour, since I didn’t have another contrasting colour.


Do you like it? I’m really pleased. I think I might be actually enjoying this knitting caper.


Oh, and Moo says hi. This photo took her by surprise I think, she didn’t get time to assemble her limbs into one of her normal elegant poses.

Holiday Crafting


Guess where I am?

I’m spending 12 nights in gorgeous New York, with my mother and auntie. I don’t think there is a yarn store on Manhattan that I haven’t visited – but we still have three more days, so I feel certain further yarn suppliers are yet to be unearthed.

I really wanted to go to a crochet class here, but there just didn’t seem to be anything available so instead, I enrolled in How to Knit a Hat or Cowl in the Round at Knitty City. This is the most gorgeous store. Everyone is so friendly and the shelves are so packed with yarn, that it feels like every time I touch something, I’m in danger of being buried under a yarn avalanche … not necessarily a bad thing, I know.

Well, as you know, I’m not much of a knitter. But this was really quite easy.We used super-chunky yarn, and a size 11 (US) 16 inch circular needle, so it practically made itself.

What do you think? The pattern says “Big Wool Hat ~ Make a Hat in Just a Few Hours!”, and they were right!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(I know I’m going to regret posting this odd looking selfie but it’s the best I could do for today).

Do you see the pretty crochet cowl too? This is another pattern from Knitty City, that you can have for free with yarn purchased in the store. It’s called the Sunset Crochet Cowl, by Dana Freed. I’ve wrapped it around twice, so you can also wear it longer.

The yarn is a custom dyed yarn by Prism. It’s 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, and the other 10% is written under the price tag and I can’t get to it! But I can say it’s gorgeous to crochet with.

Home soon, missing Moo.

Moo twoo!


A little while ago (a little over a year actually!), a good friend of mine gifted me this book as a thankyou present – I crochetted a border on a little baby’s blanket she had knitted.

Well, I was a little excited, but a very large bit hesitant. Those little doggies did not look easy to knit!

But last summer holidays I thought I’d give it a go. And it was really not so hard – each individual leg, or arm, or torso – as long as I didn’t look too far ahead!

Eventually I had all the pieces, and turned over the page to see about putting Moo Two together. Well, that was a surprise – a whole page of joining-together instructions – eeeeek! Luckily, as explained here, I have a wonderful Mother-in-Law 😀

Isn’t she adorable? … and see how the real Moo has that little white patch over her left eye?

Well, Moo Two does too!

Perugino Carousel Throw


Well, I feel just a tad guilty about this little project.

You see, I bought this gorgeous Mohair Throw Rug Kit a few months ago, when I was meant to be purchasing yarn for my mother’s Spring Blanket. Well, I figured that I was spending so much money anyway, what would a little more matter? (I’m sure you’ve never done that).

…and what’s more, this is knitting we’re talking here, not crochet. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about my lack of knitting prowess – that’s probably pretty obvious by the lack of knitting-related finished products I’ve ever posted. Actually,  I just checked back, the answer is a big fat one!

So, it’s lucky for me I have a wonderfully talented and accommodating mother-in-law, who takes on the selfless role of project-finisher with such good grace. Ok, who am I kidding – she did finish this, but she also started it and did all the middle too. I did wind the yarn into balls though, and added the fringing… it’s not like I’m totally useless 😀

Isn’t it gorgeous?

…and again in close-up

…and the mad fringing I added at Craft Group the other night, whilst eating too many Tim Tams and feeding chocolate to visiting Halloween goblins.

I think there’s just enough left-over mohair to make this gorgeous cushion over at Hook Knit Spin. Do you think they’d look splendid together?

Moo thinks it matches perfectly with her new collar, and has requested it for her bed. I told her we’ll see…..

Saturday Sunshine


What a gorgeous day it’s been today. The sun was actually shining in our little patch of backyard. Moo and I had a lovely morning reading (me) and snoring (Moo) on the outside sofa.

Then we went on a little wander down to the Bank St Market. This is a new local handmade / flea / designer market. I really want to like it, but I’m just not convinced yet. It’s a little bit hit and miss sometimes, but today was definitely a hit.

Look what I found!

This splendid little basket was made by Kate, of Crochet Made by Kate. At least, I assume the lady was actually Kate. Maybe I should have asked her? Anyway, this basket is made up of stips of fabric, about 1cm in width, knotted together and crochetted. Isn’t it adorable?

Of course, Moo thought it would be a good Puppy Treat Holder.

And here is today’s project.

I was looking for a pattern for a plain coloured scarf – something to wear with striped black / grey outfits… so something simple, and of course, pink! This Prismatic Scarf pattern by Huan-Hua Chye is on Ravelry. Once I’d worked out sl3 pwise wyif it really wasn’t that hard.

The yarn is called Silky Marino DK by Adorn Yarns. 90% merino wool, 10% silk, and so nice to knit with.

Hopefully I’ll have it finished before winter ends!

Tea Cosies ~ Part 1


I’ve always loved the idea of tea poured from a tea pot. My collection of loose leaf tea is ever-expanding. Not only does the idea of sitting down to a pot of tea and a natter with a friend really appeal, but the more tea, the less wine, which can only be a good thing!

So, when the first of these books came out, it was right up my alley.

The Carmen Miranda (shown on the cover) is just gorgeous. But it was not to be.

…and then I looked at Rosie Posie. But alas, no. Knitting in the round, with five needles, was Difficult…but stay tuned for a later post, I do have a Lovely Knitting Mother-In-Law!

Secretly though, I was eyeing off this one. Licorice Allsorts.

And here he is, TA DAH! Isn’t he gorgeous? I had to buy a new, special, black tea pot for him.

He’s not exactly the same as the one in the book. I had to do a little creative blanket stitching because he kept toppling a little sideways.

And Moo thought he was lovely too…

… at least for a small while…