With the Wind in our Fur


After work today, I dragged myself into the sewing room to do the week’s ironing.

…. but I somehow got a little side tracked.

I’ve never been that into paper craft, but after helping some friends sew together their rather funky wedding invitations the other weekend, I was feeling inspired.

Husband and I are going on a Rather Large Adventure in a few months, so of course a new suitcase was in order – just a normal old case though, so no pictures.

I thought it needed a little Luggage Label to give it some individuality.

What do you think? I rather like it, as a Tuesday Night First Effort.

Of course, Moo didn’t want us going away without a reminder of her….

I realize this little luggage label is not perfect. I’ve noticed the older I get, the less focused I am on making everything “perfect”, and the more I’m just enjoying the crafting process. I guess that’s a good thing … up to a point!