2013 ~ A crafting year in review


With one day to go this year, it’s time for our first ever yearly review. I was thinking today that I haven’t read a book in a while ~ the amount of crochet done this year might explain why! I know I’ve said this before, but it seems the more I crochet the more I crochet. With every new 3am idea completed, there are another five swirling around waiting to be started.

So, here is just a summary of 2013. Apologies in advance for the length of the post!

*** click on the pictures to see more details ***

January was a very busy crafting month. I seem to recall Moo and I spent the first few weeks of 2013 finding the coolest place in the house to crochet (me) and snooze (Moo).

First, there was the new peg board, then my yearly sewing attempt, my first pin cushion pattern, and a finished blanket for KOGO.

Happy New Year 8sml

Pin Cushion_9smlKogo_16smlFebruary Moo relaxed on the sofa with her new cushions and Christmas present ducky. I made little bowls and did a spot of office yarn bombing with a crochet tissue holder and phone cozy.

Bowl_3smlBowl_35smlTissue_21smlMarch this is my favourite crochet pin cushion so far…. and then there were MacBook covers, one for Mum and one for me.

Cushion_1smlMac_23smlLaptop_18smlApril was all about baby blankets ~ first a simple granny square in Stylecraft, then Bear’s Rainbow Blanket.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlanket_6smlJune looking back at June, I think I lost my crochet mojo a little ~ my favourite project by far was this knitted Capelet. Yes, knitting!

Capelet_22smlJuly being winter in Australia, July was about hot water bottle covers, plus my favourite doily so far.


September … a busy month, with the end of the cold weather in sight. First there were crochet baby hats for Bella’s babies, then my first ever crochet bag, a mandala floor rug, and a granny square scarf.


Rug_33smlScarf_2smlMoo_47smlOctober …. this is the quickest and easiest crochet bag I’ve ever made… instant gratification!

Big Bag_28smlNovember …and Christmas preparations begin, with a trio of crochet decorations… plus an early birthday present for Moo.

Xmas Trio_32smlXmas_3smlSqueaky_25smlDecember … was all about Christmas, with crochet pudding decorations, a Christmas stocking, a crochet star garland and our very first giveaway.

3Puddings_5smlStocking_9smlChristmas Garland_1smlGiveaway_28smlWell, if you’re still reading this far, a big thankyou! I didn’t quite realise just how long this post was going to be. Thankyou for sharing 2013 with Moo and I. We have big crafting plans for 2014, so we’ll be back really soon! 😀

Love Terri and Moo xxx

Sew much fun!


We’re getting so much enjoyment out of these cushions, that I thought I’d see what I could do with the fabric remnants.

Pot Holder_2sml

I was thinking a little something to cheer up our lovely seventies kitchen.

Pot Holder_5sml

Do you like them? Do you think they will make cute pot holders?

Pot Holder_7sml

I copied the design from some pot holders I received as a gift a few years ago. Unfortunately they are now looking very “well used”!

Pot Holder_9sml

Don’t look too closely at the sewing ~ there is some definite crookedness.

Pot Holder_13sml Pot Holder_14sml

I’m not sure where this sewing bug is coming from ~ maybe 2013 might be the year of crochet and sewing?

New Year, New Cushions, New Resolve


As much as the sight of Moo snuggled into the sofa cushions is one of life’s simple pleasures, it does mean said cushions have a very limited lifespan. Even though she doesn’t chew the corners off and eat the stuffing anymore (phew!), the combination of black puppy fur, mud and anything else she’s rolled in at the puppy park does up the rate of normal wear and tear considerably!

So, I thought new cushions for a new year.


Cushions_5sml Cushions_7sml Cushions_10sml

I bought the batik fabric in Singapore last year, and have been really looking forward to making something with it.


I wanted three cushions that matched, without being exactly the same. They were meant to have zips, but do you think I could find them when the time came???


PS I know, I haven’t  mentioned the “new resolve” yet. It was just something lame about actually finishing off some projects that’ve been WIPs for over two years now. Sigh.

With the Wind in our Fur


After work today, I dragged myself into the sewing room to do the week’s ironing.

…. but I somehow got a little side tracked.

I’ve never been that into paper craft, but after helping some friends sew together their rather funky wedding invitations the other weekend, I was feeling inspired.

Husband and I are going on a Rather Large Adventure in a few months, so of course a new suitcase was in order – just a normal old case though, so no pictures.

I thought it needed a little Luggage Label to give it some individuality.

What do you think? I rather like it, as a Tuesday Night First Effort.

Of course, Moo didn’t want us going away without a reminder of her….

I realize this little luggage label is not perfect. I’ve noticed the older I get, the less focused I am on making everything “perfect”, and the more I’m just enjoying the crafting process. I guess that’s a good thing … up to a point!

Away from Home


I’ve been away from home all week for work. I didn’t quite realise what a homebody I was until this week…. and worse than that, all the crochet I bought with me was finished before the plane even landed! In this city, there seems to be no yarn stores – not even a Spotlight for desperate circumstances.

Home tomorrow, and have big crafting plans. I have a crochet doilie/mandala for my mother, nearly finished. It’s in white viscose 4ply, with a silver thread through it. She is really a rather modern mother, so I was looking for something that she wouldn’t accuse of being too “granny”. I will take a picture on the weekend. I hope she will like it.

So, since there’s been no crafting, I’ve had to make do with looking at old projects. This pincushion was from last year. I love this fabric – it seems to pop up in quite a number of projects. Did you know there is a whole flickr group devoted to pin cushions?

…and this is the first ever project I made from a Mollie Makes magazine – one of the earliest editions last year. I love Mollie Makes. I wish it was from my country though, so I could visit the stores and markets they mention. This brooch was made using scrap 8ply wool. I’ve since made some with cotton/acrylic and they do work better. The “fluffiness” so lovely with wool does not work so well with brooches.

Aren’t these pencils lovely? They’re not mine, sigh….. I took this photo through the shop window.

Home tomorrow. I have it on good authority that Moo misses me just as much as I miss her.

Creature Comforts


Although Moo is Quite Fond of this colourful cushion I crochetted for her, it was really starting to get a little stinky. I decided it was time for a new favourite.

After much matching and mismatching of my fabric stash, I decided on this combination. I find it so hard to actually make a decision sometimes, about what colours go with what, and what patterns really match.

I do love that “mismatched” look, but in reality I think we only think it’s mismatched when it’s really actually in fact rather matched. Does that make sense?

The lovely ric rac was from a most wonderful store called MJ Trim in New York. They have ric rac in every colour you could think of, and scrumptious velvets, and so wide and fat – not just the normal skinny…

And here is the finished product. Do you like it?

Moo seems to like it. Yes, she’s definitely quite pleased with it I think.

A Happy House


I thought this would be a nice first post – a picture of a Happy House. I won’t talk about my yarn stash just yet, but my stash of fat squares seems to be developing a mind of its own. There’s something about little colourful squares of fabric that just Talk to me… “buy me buy me buy me”…

My Happy House, is actually called Henny House and was made from a pattern in the big book of softies ~ 44 friends for you to sew, knit and crochet.

The pattern is by Louise Hatchard, at Prairiemouse.

And here is the finished product.

And again in our little garden. I think he looks Rather Lovely.

Moo wasn’t very impressed about little displays of crafty goodness that didn’t include her.