A little something just for me…


I’m sure I’m not the only person that spends most of their time making things for others.

I don’t mean to sound uncharitable, I love gifting my crochet, but I thought the other day, how nice it would be, to make a little fun something just for me.


So here is my little crochet cuff.


This is made using some lovely Koigu from Yarn Glorious Yarn. Koigu is a 4ply 100 percent merino wool yarn. It’s just gorgeous to crochet with. It doesn’t split or untwirl and seems to glide perfectly round my hook.


This is the first time I’ve tried beading into crochet. The most tricky bit was threading all the beads on first. I used mainly seed beads with a few Swarovski crystals added for extra sparkle.


Do you like it? The trick with the beading was to add the beads on a wrong-side row, and use a DC stitch – it kept them nicely lined up.


I wore it to work today, it’s really comfortable.


We finally had a patch of sunshine. Moo decided to take advantage.


Moo twoo!


A little while ago (a little over a year actually!), a good friend of mine gifted me this book as a thankyou present – I crochetted a border on a little baby’s blanket she had knitted.

Well, I was a little excited, but a very large bit hesitant. Those little doggies did not look easy to knit!

But last summer holidays I thought I’d give it a go. And it was really not so hard – each individual leg, or arm, or torso – as long as I didn’t look too far ahead!

Eventually I had all the pieces, and turned over the page to see about putting Moo Two together. Well, that was a surprise – a whole page of joining-together instructions – eeeeek! Luckily, as explained here, I have a wonderful Mother-in-Law 😀

Isn’t she adorable? … and see how the real Moo has that little white patch over her left eye?

Well, Moo Two does too!

Perugino Carousel Throw


Well, I feel just a tad guilty about this little project.

You see, I bought this gorgeous Mohair Throw Rug Kit a few months ago, when I was meant to be purchasing yarn for my mother’s Spring Blanket. Well, I figured that I was spending so much money anyway, what would a little more matter? (I’m sure you’ve never done that).

…and what’s more, this is knitting we’re talking here, not crochet. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about my lack of knitting prowess – that’s probably pretty obvious by the lack of knitting-related finished products I’ve ever posted. Actually,  I just checked back, the answer is a big fat one!

So, it’s lucky for me I have a wonderfully talented and accommodating mother-in-law, who takes on the selfless role of project-finisher with such good grace. Ok, who am I kidding – she did finish this, but she also started it and did all the middle too. I did wind the yarn into balls though, and added the fringing… it’s not like I’m totally useless 😀

Isn’t it gorgeous?

…and again in close-up

…and the mad fringing I added at Craft Group the other night, whilst eating too many Tim Tams and feeding chocolate to visiting Halloween goblins.

I think there’s just enough left-over mohair to make this gorgeous cushion over at Hook Knit Spin. Do you think they’d look splendid together?

Moo thinks it matches perfectly with her new collar, and has requested it for her bed. I told her we’ll see…..

Cozy hot water bottle cover


I guess I’m getting old, sigh. I’ve had ongoing back pain, and was recently diagnosed as having arthritis in my back, sigh again.

Although it’s much better now, thank goodness, I’ve spent much of the last month semi-permanently attached to a hot water bottle.

So, in the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, I thought I needed a pretty hot water bottle cover.

I’m quite pleased with this, especially making it “from scratch” without a pattern to follow. I wanted to use some of my stash of Rowan Cotton Glace. Blue is really not a colour I work with very often, but I think this works.

Do you like the button flower? I think, if I’m not very careful, I could become ever so slightly obsessed with buttons. 🙂