Did somebody say Doily?


We’re frantically cleaning house this week, as my in-laws are coming to stay with us. Husband and I are going on a Big Adventure for three weeks and of course, we can’t just leave Moo with anybody….

So, I’ve been organising the spare bedroom, and thought it needed just a few extra pieces of crochet before it was quite ready.

Obviously, there are two of these ~ one for each bedside table. They actually look quite nice with the cheap Ikea touch-lamps. Don’t touch-lamps provided just hours of mindless entertainment?

The yarn: Koigu 4ply, 100% merino – yum!

The pattern: Granny Mandala from Crochet with Raymond.

Granny Square Sunday #11


…and today we have Queen Anne’s Lace.

In the book, it was all one colour in cream, probably important to get the lace look! It was really nice to crochet a square in one colour. I must admit to being a teeny bit lazy, and the whole one colour / less ends to sew in does kind of appeal to me a little.

I bought this yarn online from a store called Yarn Glorious Yarn. Isn’t that just a fabulous name? And the lady who emailed me when I put in the order seemed as lovely as her shop name.

The yarn is called Koigu. It’s 4ply 100% merino wool, and just gorgeous to crochet with. The colours are called “Painters Pallette” and each skein has been hand painted. I bought 2 skeins for $30, and delivery was free ~ which was just one more tick as far as I was concerned.