New Year, New Cushions, New Resolve


As much as the sight of Moo snuggled into the sofa cushions is one of life’s simple pleasures, it does mean said cushions have a very limited lifespan. Even though she doesn’t chew the corners off and eat the stuffing anymore (phew!), the combination of black puppy fur, mud and anything else she’s rolled in at the puppy park does up the rate of normal wear and tear considerably!

So, I thought new cushions for a new year.


Cushions_5sml Cushions_7sml Cushions_10sml

I bought the batik fabric in Singapore last year, and have been really looking forward to making something with it.


I wanted three cushions that matched, without being exactly the same. They were meant to have zips, but do you think I could find them when the time came???


PS I know, I haven’t  mentioned the “new resolve” yet. It was just something lame about actually finishing off some projects that’ve been WIPs for over two years now. Sigh.