The finished pin-cushion..


Well, here it is … finished.

PinCushion_25smlI love the colours, but I’m not overly in love with it. I’m a little pleased though, that this is my own pattern. I think I may have over-stuffed it, as I don’t think the shape is quite right.

PinCushion_15smlPinCushion_13smlOnce it’s looked after some pins for a while and the stuffing softens, we’ll see if it improves.

PinCushion_17smlMoo thought you might like to admire her lovely ear.

PinCushion_22smlLove Terri and Moo xxx



This was one of those 3am ideas that must be started immediately.

wip_9smlAs my sister-in-law is currently sleeping in my craft room, I had to use the only yarn that was not currently packed away in its appropriate home (yes, I know, I get extra points for tidy-house this week)!

wip_10smlThis pincushion is for my mother for Christmas. I’ve already given her the “real” present, but wanted a little something for Christmas Day (hopefully she doesn’t read this before then)!

wip_11smlThe little flower in the middle is made using popcorn stitch… I quite like the effect. The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima.

Three more sleeps till Christmas. We just got back from Moo’s Christmas Party with her pals at the puppy park. She is exhausted. Actually, we all are! It’s hard work eating and drinking and being merry!

Love Terri and Moo xxx

A little Christmas stocking


I’ve been admiring this gorgeous crochet stocking for a long time now.

Last night I was lying in bed thinking about it, and at 3am I knew there was just no use. My mind was whirling with colour combinations, and I had the perfect yarn ~ it would look gorgeous in my Cascade Ultra Pima.

Stocking_9sml I had to sneak into the craft room so as not to wake Moo ~ if I’m up in the middle of the night, it’s obviously to get her snacks.. I mean, what other reason could there be?

Stocking_10smlI’m so pleased with how it turned out. The Cascade yarn is beautiful to work with, and this pattern by Yvestown is terribly easy.

Stocking_11smlI hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday. I believe a very special puppy who may be named Moo is turning 4 tomorrow….shhh….


106 Days till Christmas!


Well, I bet that got everybody’s attention, didn’t it? 😀

I was thinking my theme for this year would be “A Handmade Christmas“. Do you think it’s too early to start planning? Or, if I’m going to make some of my gifts and decorations, is it too late to start planning maybe?

In keeping with my Handmade Christmas idea, I have started making doilies. Or maybe it’s the other way around ~ a Handmade Christmas to justify my obsessive doily and bunting production :D.

Doily_24smlThese patterns (and many more still to come) are all from Issue 8 of Simply Crochet Magazine. I love this magazine. As the title suggests, the patterns really are quite simple.

Doily_26sml Doily_25smlDoily_27smlI figure if I make one doily per week until Christmas, I should have enough.

Happy Spring Bunting


I made these granny squares as part of the Slugs on the Refrigerator Crochet Camp. It was still in the deep dark depths of winter. I think bunting portrays such a wonderful promise of warmer weather to come, don’t you?

Bunting_2smlThese bunting lengths are not yet in their final position. They’re to go in the light-well down the side of our house. It’s home to old doors, mirrors and slightly wild succulents. I think these colours will match nicely. Once we’ve done a little more spring gardening and the light-well is looking respectable, I’ll take some more pictures.


Bunting_9sml   Bunting_12sml Bunting_14smlBunting_10sml

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. It’s Friday night here in Australia… I love the promise of a Friday night… wondering what the weekend will hold. I hope yours holds an adventure or two, and at least a little crochet 🙂

Spring Pouches!


Today was the first day of spring, thank goodness. I also just realised that Moo and I haven’t written for the whole of August ~ eek! It’s not that we weren’t crafting, I think it just got to that stage in winter where trying to get enough light for photographs just became all too much work. The house where we live is only 5.5 metres wide, and with the sun so low in the sky, our window of opportunity is rather slim.

But now it’s spring, and I feel like life has suddenly become brighter again! 🙂

I have a few projects still to photograph, but here is the first.

Pouch_16smlLittle Pouches, by Elisabeth Andree. Also, more pouches here and here!

Pouch_18smlPouch_22smlAren’t they just the cutest? The yarn I used is Cascade Ultra Pima. This is a wonderful, almost glowing cotton yarn – it’s definitely one of my favourites … and a 3.5mm hook

Pouch_19smlLike Elisabeth, I think this could become a rather addictive little project. They are so easy, and fast, and enjoyable to make, and Elisabeth’s pattern is really easy to follow.

Pouch_15smlPouchMoo_08smlDoesn’t Moo look like she’s sick of winter too?

It’s good to be back 🙂

Colourful Cotton Baby Blanket ~ all finished!


I started this blanket back in February. It’s from a pattern called Bear’s Rainbow Blanket, from Purl Bee. This is destined for a new (non-puppy) baby of one of Moo’s friends, who will be joining us late April (fingers crossed)!



It is made using a gorgeous cotton yarn called Cascade Ultra Pima from Yarn Glorious Yarn.


This yarn is so nice to crochet with, and is kind of soft, and a little shiny.

Blanket_17sml Blanket_20sml

As new-baby is going to be a girl-baby, I had to add a few pinks and oranges, but the blues and turquoises in this yarn are just so lovely, that I couldn’t resist.

Blanket_7sml Blanket_8sml

Moo, of course, had to give it her paw-of-approval … since it’s for her friend and all …


Angry Piggie?



I hope all that celebrate have had a lovely Easter. I have eaten too much chocolate, and Moo has eaten too many carob coated puppy snacks.

Well, I’ve been doing lots of little crochet projects, but I’ve been a bit lazy in taking photos. The light, now that it’s coming into winter, has just not been that great for pictures.

My latest little adventure into amigurumi is this rather unusual little blue pig. He was made for a chap at work, who put in a request.


He is the pig out of Angry Birds apparently, except he wanted a blue pig rather than green – I hope I got the colour right!


The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima in Aqua, an 8ply cotton that is lovely to crochet with. I bought it from one of my favourite stores, Yarn Glorious Yarn. It’s an online store, that often does free postage.


The pattern is here on Ravelry.


In other news, a few weeks ago I went to a half day Learn-to-make-Amigurumi course. I had a lovely time.

I was going to show you the beginning of Amineko the Amigurumi Cat… but Moo had other ideas.



A birthday, prezzies, and a new project


Last Friday was my birthday, and husband and Moo bought me the best presents.


Firstly, there was this gorgeous Swift yarn winder. Isn’t it just lovely? It’s so much fun to play with (sorry, couldn’t get a great picture).


And to go with it, this yarn ball winder.

I must say, it is taking some practice to work the ball winder. The Swift works beautifully, and twirls around at a squillion miles an hour, but it’s so important to wind it evenly onto the ball.. and that is taking me some practice.


And from Moo for my birthday, two skeins of scrumptious Koigu Premium Merino. Of course, I had to wind this straight away.

So I spent half of last weekend winding and winding the lots of few skeins I had buried around my craft room. This is some Cascade Ultra Pima that arrived a while ago from Yarn Glorious Yarn. I love this little online store. Such great service, and often free postage too! At Christmas time, they even had free Express post for last minute orders.


Now that it’s all wound very fairly neatly, I’m starting a new project. Like the KOGO Blanket, this is the Bear’s Rainbow Blanket, from Purl Bee.


A friend of Moo’s mother is having a real (non-puppy) baby in April, and as she loves colours, I thought this would be perfect.


Moo thought we should be playing fetch though, not photography.


Oh, and Moo just informed me that the Swift winder and yarn ball winder can also be purchased at Yarn Glorious Yarn… not that she wanted to give away birthday prezzie sources or anything.